<p>Our past should have been like this, and will be.</p>Yesterday’s past tomorrow

Look for a strange new trend in science fiction: Instead of setting stories in the future, they will be set in the past. But they will be set in the past that much older science fiction thought would be the future. So, as an example, a new science fiction novel might take place in the year 2001, but it would be the 2001 Arthur C. Clarke envisioned in his book "2001: A Space Odyssey," where there are intelligent computers and a moon colony.

Other books will go back even further, to the 1960s that the 1930s thought we would experience, and even books set in the 1920s, but written in the way Victorians imagined the 1920s would be like. This…

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Corn Wars

Farmers may be the hardest working people in America. Most rise before dawn, crack ice on water troughs for the animals, get out to till the soil or mind their crops. Then go to bed late with dirt under the fingernails. Even those modern corn farmers in GPS-guided, climate-controlled, satellite radio, power steering, John Deere’s work hard. And all farmers now have a full-time job just addressing the paperwork needed to keep a farm running.

Be not mistaken about a farmer’s work ethic. But we must, sooner or later, realize farmers are trapped, along with us, in a diabolical agriculture system that typifies all that is wrong with our world economy and political web. We’re talking corn and specifically ethanol.…

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<p>Our children will be our monsters.</p>Trick or Treat

Tomorrow's Halloween will be a return to the chaotic, anarchic Halloweens of the past. Thanks to a global financial meltdown, America will be filled with orphaned and homeless children living in small groups on the outskirts of cities. They will survive through criminal schemes, and on the night before Halloween -- traditionally known as Devil's Night -- they will begin a reign of terror that will last through to the end of the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead.

These feral children will engage in relentless pranking, as well as acts of vandalism and violence. It will be possible to avoid experiencing this by paying the children a bribe -- the traditional "trick or treat." But for those who don't,…

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Mistaken Identity

Hallowtide is a season rife with remembrance of the fragile body. After all, Halloween, “hallowed eve”, signifies the night before the Day of the Dead or All Saints’ Day. Though Hallowtide, the triduum of October 31, November 1 and 2, is symbolized by skeletons, cats, monsters and goblins, — and now, candy — the essence of the season is the acknowledgement of the spirit that reigns on the other side from the physical plane. Halloween is one of many traditions that serve to remind us that spirit rules on this plane, too. Viewed rightly, they serve to beg the question, “Which are we, spirit or body?”

Whatever the appearance of our worries, cares and woes, whatever it may be that…

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<p>There are undiscovered things that live in the sea.</p>The old ones

There are vast, undiscovered monsters in the ocean, far below where we have been able to explore, but soon will visit and discover. These creatures are so vast as to swarf anything now on earth, even the blue whale, now believed to be the largest animal that has ever lived.

They have remained hidden because they live at such depths that the loss of pressure of rising to the surface causes them to implode. And they are as strange and alien to us as if they came from another world. They are like fish, but are not fish, and are so different from fish as to require their own taxonomy in the animal kingdom.

Additionally, we will soon learn that…

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Herbal Viagra?

Probably the best thing Lamar Odom has done since giving the Lakers a couple decent seasons as a backup forward is bringing to light the dangers of taking unreliable herbal supplements. Let’s be clear: Mixing cocaine and sketchy herbal supplements, like former NBA player Odom reportedly did recently, is never a good idea. Sources claimed Odom used several doses of a so-called “male enhancement” herbal tonic before collapsing in a Nevada brothel. And while there undoubtedly are some supplements that are beneficial and effective, it’s unlikely that they will be found at the counter of your local gas station or bordello.

There are two diametrically opposed medical systems at work in America and the rest of the Western world. One can…

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<p>There will be little hope for the accused witch.</p>The witch hunts

One of the most horrific chapters in human history is making a huge return: witch-hunting. Even now, in parts of Africa, accusations of witchcraft can be a death penalty for the accused. As a result of changes to the social fabric, with an increasingly large number of people leaving mainstream religions, religious leaders will find it valuable to lead hunts for supposed witches in many countries.

This will mostly be associated with fundamentalism, but it will not be limited to any one religion, and neither will it be limited to third-world countries. People -- mostly women -- will be accused, tried, and frequently executed for witchcraft in Canada, Great Britain, and even in the United States.

These persecutions will be…

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