<p>The opium den will return.</p>A horse with no name

Scientists have developed a yeast that will convert glucose to opiates. Thanks to a laboratory theft, this yeast will soon be on the market, meaning, functionally, anyone who knows how to home-brew beer will also be able to make their own heroin.

The results will be explosive. The federal government will attempt to ban home-brewing products, but this will prove to be functionally impossible. The same cartels and desperados currently making methamphetamines will take over the heroin trade, pumping out tens of thousands of gallons of pure opiate per week. Addiction rates will skyrocket, and prisons and hospitals will fill with suffering addicts.

Eventually, the only solution will be to legalize the stuff, which will at least guarantee government oversight…

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Say No to Soy

Field corn and soybeans. America leads the world by a wide margin in the production of both. For decades now, Big Farma has been pushing those two as the main crops in the United States. Both are inedible to humans. And, it turns out, neither one should be considered health food. (It’s important to distinguish between “sweet corn” and “field corn.” Most people have never seen a field planted with edible corn because 99 percent of the corn planted in the USA is inedible field corn. Only 1 percent of the corn in the US is edible sweet corn. And even with sweet corn, no one considers that health food.)

Soybeans run neck and neck with corn in the amount…

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<p>Look to the skies!</p>Tomorrow: The Dragon

One of the maddest programs in genetic research will come about in 50 years, when a science fiction and fantasy obsessed cult uses genetic engineering to literally create a dragon. Their first attempts will be small, lizard-like things that cannot fly nor breathe fire, and live abbreviated, unhappy lives. But as they continue to breed the creatures and tinker with its genetics, they will produce monsters of enormous size, with the ability to fly and the ability to spray a corrosive poison from sacs in their cheeks that fulfills a function very much like fire -- it burns whatever it touches.

The cult will be called The Brotherhood of Draco, and will actually be an offshoot of today's fan-base for…

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Lube Job

In those intimate moments when stroking is sexy and friction is foe, we sometimes reach for that little tube of love lube to assist the ultimate body language. In modern times that means venerable Vaseline or the gelatinous K-Y. As sexual mores of the later 20th century expanded and our, ahem, tastes matured, personal lubricants and intimate care products became a niche market. That market has climaxed with an overwhelming selection of flavorful and stimulating chemical ingredients that we can smear on our private parts to enhance our experience. But how much attention is given to what we slather on our bodies? Apparently not enough.

Delicate parts are called that exactly because they are. Yet, it is surprising how little…

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Work Interview: Terry Victor

Terry Victor - vice president, Sheet Metal Workers International Association Local #3 (sheetmetalworkerslocal3.org); union member since 1989

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
We’re a labor union; we’re not an employer. If you don’t know much about labor unions, we provide labor for our contractors. We provide skilled labor; we educate that labor and then we send them out to our employers to fill the jobs. It’s a partnership. Our apprenticeship is (also) a partnership: the JATC (joint apprenticeship training committee) is a committee of half contractors and half union members. We work in collaboration with each other to advance our educational program, to run our educational program, and…

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Work Interview: Colleen Plasek

Colleen Plasek - career coach, Bellevue University (http://www.bellevue.edu/student-support/career-services/career-services

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
What I recommend to people locally here in the Omaha market, Careerlink (careerlink.com) is a great resource. But I also use Indeed (indeed.com) a lot because they work in different ways. The nice part about Indeed is that it will search a lot of different sites but with Careerlink it has to be posted directly on Careerlink; so this kind of offers both for you. I don’t want people to miss any openings; I want them to see everything that’s out there so they have all of the opportunities in front of them. For…

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Work Interview: Kristi Hamilton

Kristi Hamilton - ConAgra Foods Director Talent Acquisition (conagrafoodscareers.com) 

What are the best resources locally and online for our local workforce to advance their careers?
Two of the best resources that can help you to advance your career are a strong leader/coach and a mentor. There are the traditional resources that one can leverage like achieving an advanced degree and gaining professional certifications. Without the help and guidance from someone who understands the landscape of your organization, you may find it hard to grow professionally. I believe firmly, were it not for my ConAgra Foods coaches and mentors and their buy-in, support and honest feedback, I wouldn’t have taken the risks I did to get where I’m at today.

What is…

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Corn Wars

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