Sustainability Interview: Steve Rodie

Steve Rodie, FASLA - director of UNO’s Center for Urban Sustainability (

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
The Center was regent-approved two years ago, so the board of regents approved it as an entity at the Universities of Nebraska. 
Our major role at UNO is interaction and collaboration and engagement with the city and with the community. A big part of this is to build partnerships in research, teaching and outreach that either enhance sustainability for the community or create greater awareness of the benefits of sustainability. So it’s a combination of education, research and outreach.

What elements of negative human impact concern you most, generally and in your area of expertise?

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Sustainability Interview: Stephen Osberg

Stephen Osberg - board member, Mode Shift Omaha (

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
Mode Shift, our central goal is to promote freedom of transportation. Sure, people drive right now, but we want to make sure people at least have a viable option to walk to get to where they need to go, ride a bike, take public transit. Right now everything in our city is built to support driving automobiles at the expense of those other modes. When people drive cars, it’s the least environmentally option people can take. We try to educate people and policymakers on the benefits and practices that could support a range of transportation options.

What elements of negative…

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Sustainability Interview: Larry Hopp

Larry Hopp - director of the Creighton University Energy Technology program (, and a civil engineer with 40 years of industry experience

What role do you and your organization play in sustainability?
I would like to start with the definition of sustainability. From my perspective, “sustainability” is a little bit like “green”, and there are a lot of people who throw the term around…I look at sustainability as basically the focus to sustain God’s creation for the ongoing betterment of all mankind. And sustainability impacts really every aspect of our life so the conservation must be holistic, weighing benefits against potential harm. To me, that is an important distinction because sustainability and a lot of the related terms can…

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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Omaha Health Expo

The eighth annual Omaha Health Expo takes place April 11 and 12 at the CenturyLink. It’s an important convocation because it’s the only assemblage of its kind in the region. With a focus on holistic approaches to wellness, the Omaha Health Expo stands alone in providing information and access to ways to get healthy and stay healthy outside the conventional drug, surgery and techno-pharmaceutical industry that has overwhelmed American healthcare.

Emphasizing holistic medicine and treatments, lifestyle change, exercise and nutrition awareness, the Expo brings about 200 such practitioners under one roof. And, once again, admission is free.

The two-day event will also include a benefit Walk for Alzheimer’s, Midwest Chapter on Saturday with registration at the CenturyLink at 9:30 (or…

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<p>The dust will come.</p>The new Dust Bowl

The water is gone from Los Angeles, and from Southern California. This drought will continue, and worsen, until the city dies of thirst, and those who live in it pack their belongings and start the long journey to somewhere new, somewhere with water.

This will be known as the New Dust Bowl, and those who leave Southerm California will be called the Backoakies, because they are reversing the journey of those who fled the Midwest and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Just as that mass migration helped make Southern California great, the migration of so many back into the Midwest will bring greatness there.

Small Midwestern cities will become engorged with new residents, and they will bring with them…

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Corn: Nothing Green About It

A plague is upon us; pestilence abounds; a pox we planted ourselves. Forget locusts. Forget frogs. Forget bird flu, kudzu or African snails. The invasive species strangling, starving and drying up America came all the way from the St. Louis laboratories of Monsanto. It’s corn.

The Yellow Peril. Our country is being overrun by corn. It’s the killer crop of the 21st century. How? We got sold a bill of goods — several, it turns out.

It’s a shame because so many hard-working farmers are addicted to corn as a cash crop. But they are financially marginalized by a crop that keeps them on a razor-thin budget while filling the coffers of Big Agriculture. Who’s getting rich? It’s not most…

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<p>There's a new generation coming, and the old generation will not like it.</p>A new generation

A new generation is about to enter adulthood. This is a generation who were raised in a mostly digital world, where music and film existed as data on a computer or iPod and not as a physical entity. It is a generation that grew up looking at crippling college debt and few job opportunities. It is a generation that, out of necessity, grew up trading and sharing, rather than compulsively seeking to own.

This generation will create a future very different than our current world: A future in which possessing something is less important than experiencing it. This generation will show remarkable disinterest in the sorts of things that obsessed previous generations. Many will never bother to buy a car,…

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