Houses of tomorrow

In the future, buildings will be grown, rather than built. A combination of fast-growing genetically altered wood and miniature building robots will make it possible to grow a building from seed faster than it would take to build one in the traditional way. Additionally, because the structure is made from living wood, it will be able to repeair itself if damaged, grow new floors or additional structures, and even rebuild itself for new purposes.

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Laughing Your Ass Off

"Laugh, laugh I thought I'd die…" In 1964, Norman Cousins lay dying at UCLA Medical Center. Doctors told him his disease was terminal and there was nothing they could do. They were half right. There was nothing they could do.

Cousins didn't accept their prognosis. While in excruciating pain from ankylosing spondylitis, a rare disease that inflamed his spine, Cousins found that after watching a Marx Brothers movie on television, he laughed so hard that it exhausted him and he slept soundly without narcotics for the first time in weeks. Cousins ordered in a film projector — it was 1964 — and all the Marx movies and slapstick comedy he could get his hands on. He improved dramatically. Pain decreased.…

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Other worlds

We soon will discover that the universe does not just consist of the world we inhabit, but many parallel worlds, all existing on top of one another, but unaware. These pass through each other, inhabiting the same space, sharing the same timeline, but are radically different from each other, and utterly alien to each other.

It will take centuries for us to understand these worlds, and to connect with them, but we will discover the most extraordinary thing: There is also life there, although not life as we know it, and intelligence, although not intelligence as we know it.

It will confirm what we have long suspected: That the universe teems with life, although life beyond our imagination, beyond our…

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Let Science Lead You to Spirit

For all the trillions of dollars spent throughout history, science has yet to prove the existence of one basic thing: solid matter. Even today, at the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, physicists are searching for matter — solid, touchable, provable matter. The conclusion is that solid matter does not exist — anywhere.

Sum it up: Science tells us plainly that everything we think is solid is actually made of atoms that are nothing but smaller and smaller “particles” filled with energy. First atoms, then electrons, neutrons, positrons, quarks, leptons, mesons and all the other particles in succession and still you won’t find any that are solid matter. The universe — everything comprising it — is nothing but energy. That energy is continuous.…

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<p>Soon you will be inside the battle for the future of the universe.</p>Inside the movie

The next big trend in home entertainment will be virtual reality. The technology is already in place for entertainment that places the viewer inside the action, allowing them to look around the world of the film, as though they are present at events as they occur. Some VR stories will include the viewer as a character, but many will simply place them in the scene, a ghostly viewer.

This technology will prove so popular that older films will be adapted to VR. You will be able to stand on the deck of the Titanic as it sinks, or plummet to the earth with King Kong, or fly through space in the Millennium Falcon. This will be possible through complex, computerized…

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What’s In Your Food?

German shepherds have notoriously sensitive tummies. So when our big one had a little upset recently, I headed for the store to get fixin’s for his bland diet routine: lean ground turkey breast and plain white rice. I was hurried so stopped at an (unnamed, headquartered in Des Moines,) supermarket instead of my usual run to Whole Foods. The meat section at said market sells pre-packaged ground turkey. I asked the “butcher” at the counter if they ground in-house. The answer came back “no” and he added that the turkey was packaged “in some kinda gas that keeps it from spoiling,” in a tone indicating he thought that was a pretty cool thing. It wasn’t exactly accurate but I understood.…

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<p>Our past should have been like this, and will be.</p>Yesterday’s past tomorrow

Look for a strange new trend in science fiction: Instead of setting stories in the future, they will be set in the past. But they will be set in the past that much older science fiction thought would be the future. So, as an example, a new science fiction novel might take place in the year 2001, but it would be the 2001 Arthur C. Clarke envisioned in his book "2001: A Space Odyssey," where there are intelligent computers and a moon colony.

Other books will go back even further, to the 1960s that the 1930s thought we would experience, and even books set in the 1920s, but written in the way Victorians imagined the 1920s would be like. This…

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Crystal Reality

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GMO Shell Game

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