Feng Shui for the Body

Some of the sheen may have diminished yet the ancient Chinese art and science of feng shui remains stoically effective. There was a time recently when sit coms, stand up comics, news shows and New Agers couldn’t get enough of the intricate rubrics of the once-ignored practice. For a brief moment in time, the words feng shui were the punch line of jokes and the byline of New Age writers. All the while, many mispronounced it. For the record, it sounds out like this: fung (rhymes with tongue) schway (rhymes with say). Also for the record, the practice is thousands of years old and includes the art and science of placement of material objects in their physical relationships in…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 7-Mar. 13

In times of peace, love makes the world go ’round. In times of war, love can make it worthwhile, somehow. Love is the way — and I can/shall prove it. If one achieves the 4th (the heart) of the 7 chakras while on (y)our incarnate journey, you would be over halfway towards (y)our goal, wouldn’t you? Failure to take advantage of the opportunity for such chakra growth would be a waste of your/an/that achievement of such a level in/on your human sojourn. Love is the way. Everybody knows that Venus is our planet of love, right? (If not, you know it now…) Venus is exalted — in other words, finds its highest expression — in Pisces, which it is…

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McDermott Carries Creighton to Valley Title

The stakes couldn’t have been higher. The atmosphere couldn’t have been more electric. And the Jays couldn’t have come up with a more clutch effort in clinching the regular season Missouri Valley Conference championship before an ecstatic sellout crowd last Saturday at the CenturyLink Center.
“Wow, that was an incredible performance by our team,” said Creighton head coach Greg McDermott. “I couldn’t be more proud of them. The way they have conducted themselves off the floor and in the locker room throughout the season in a championship fashion…you like to think good things will happen to guys who do the right things. So I’m proud that they are champions on the floor as well.”
He was also…

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Flower Power

We Americans spend most of our time indoors, insulated from nature. In fact, author Richard Louv contends that we suffer the effects of “nature deficit disorder.” That’s a real shame because humans are, by nature, natural beings. Being cut off from nature is like being cut off from ourselves. A simple way to bring a little nature into the home is to bring some freshly cut flowers home with you.

This winter, we’ve been keeping fresh, cut flowers in a tall vase on the pass-through between our kitchen and dining room. It’s actually visible from four different rooms, the pantry and from both back and front porches. The fragrance, the color and the very fact they are there…

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Cosmic Forecast, Feb. 28-Mar. 6

Happy March! Do not yet awaken from the Night of the Year, my children and friends. We are in the last few hours (weeks) before dawn; the time of the deepest sleep, our most rewarding dreams and freest aspirations. Dare to be different and kiss logic goodbye for just a little bit longer, as we drink deep from the primal ooze. Glub, glub… Nighty-night… Sweet dreams… ’Til spring.

l PISCES (2.18-3.19)  Moonday is crazzzy day; especially if this is your birth week! Wake at dawn on the 4th, as the Sun rises hand in hand with retrograding Mercury. Use/gamble with any seeming confusion and see how sometimes crazzzy can work for thee. Tuesday’s blues-day. Late…

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Affirmations: Pathway to the Subconscious

Succumbing to consumeritis Americanis, I bought in. Americans are obsessive about consuming. In my recent case, it was a new television. Oh, I rationalized it very well: ours was older, no longer state-of-the-art, and wasn’t a “smart” TV capable of internet streaming. I bought an LG.

I liked it the minute I powered it up because as newer TVs do, the logo flashed on the screen as the onboard computers were booting. LG’s logo includes the text, “Life’s Good.” How could I dislike that? Now, every time I turn it on, I read and say aloud their slogan. Makes me laugh. And reminds me of the power of affirmation.

Word. The simple declaration, “Word,” has become a…

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Cosmic Forecast, Feb. 21-Feb. 27

Happy Pisces! Check dese abs! Hey, anybody, how about a ride to the beach? Yeah, it does seem kinda out of reach. Surf’s up, Buttercup! Time to lobby for your hobby for one more Moon, and then spring can/shall follow soon. Happy Full Moon in Virgo on Moonday. How you gonna keep busy, Lizzie/Dizzy? Music, “Game of Thrones,” chess, the written story of your life (we’re all just dying for that!), TV (ad nauseum), your next 3-month affair, your spring fling, warming up for baseball or just plain old warming up? How about dreaming? What would you like to be/do this spring/year? Wait ’til April. There are no mistakes. Peace and love shall conquer all. From The Golden Troll…

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Bud Rising

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Attention to detail

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If not for Burtch, Ron Kellogg III...

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Planet Power: Nov. 21 - 27, 2013

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Planet Power: Nov. 14 - 20, 2013

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Planet Power: November 7 - 13, 2013

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Planet Power: Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2013

Happy Halloween! Let your subconscious desires flow as the twilight fades into the black of the night of the year. Don’t fear the night. You have...

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The Bates Method

Let’s get one thing straight: We are constantly being deceived. Oh, I don’t mean everyone is a pathological liar or that it’s done intentionally....

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Dirty Water

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Top Ten Tips for Now

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Worm Therapy

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