Cosmic Forecast, May 30-June 5

Sorry about last week’s repeat of the previous week’s article. My record with the “Reader” so far — in 16 1/2 glorious years, encompassing 858 issues — is 7 mistakes for the “Reader” and 5 for myself. Now, to speak on behalf of our current “Reader” crew, 3 of their tally dated from the short-lived (oh my GOD, forgive me for my pun!) Alan Baer buyout (oh, by the way, Timothy S., still think I’m a “homophobe”?). Not bad, over all… Over a 99% success ratio! Fortunately, both the “Planet Power” and the “Reader” websites featured last week’s lost holy epistles, verbatim. Whenever in doubt — check it out, for there are no mistakes (when you do what you…

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Bee Friendly

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees. Well, let’s just start with the bees. They’re in trouble. Deep trouble. And if bees are in trouble, humans are in trouble. Bees are vital to our existence and we’re losing them by about 50 percent a year. They need our help.

Bees are part of the natural order. Or as Mustafa would call it, “the Circle of Life.” In nature and in human-driven agriculture, bees are essential, especially for a specific function: they are the most efficient pollinators on the planet.

In order to produce food, most plants need to pollinate. And being non-motile, plants must rely on other forces to get that done. Wind, human…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 23-May 29

Happy Full Moon in early Sagittarius just before midnight on Friday, kickin’ off the wildest weekend this spring! It’s time to talk, talk, talk about it! You’ll see. Have fun, ’cuz if it’s not fun — it’s not done.

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  One more month of Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) in your sign, especially affecting those Geminis born in mid-June. This weekend initiates the denouement with a BANG! The Full Moon on Friday (the 24th) night is in your opposite sign (which is ruled by the aforesaid Jupiter); the nefarious, outrageous, contagious, “contrariest” sign of Sagittarius. Dare I mention voraciously loquacious? Start talkin’ lucky! Use it before you lose it on June…

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Are You in a Slump? Alexander Can Help

There’s no escaping it on this planet. We are incessantly governed by our relationship with gravity. The most mysterious of the four fundamental forces, gravity tugs and pulls at our body continually. Every movement we make, every breath we take, it’s always there. Our body swims in it and like swimming, the more efficiently we move and align, the longer we’ll stay afloat, so to speak.

Each day is filled with subconscious actions. We drive cars, eat lunch, talk on phones — all with little intellectual awareness. Mousing, sitting, walking, scanning a price, standing; all done with little conscious awareness. Repetition is our daily routine. Our mind may not be fully aware of our movements but our body…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 16-May 22

Happy spring (I hope and pray)! It’s time to move from planting seeds for the/your economy (Taurus) to talkin’/squawkin’ ’bout it (Gemini) with anybody who’ll listen, starting on the day of the Moon, ’round 4:00 in the afternoon. Communication/duality/mentality will be the key(s)! This be the truth, from Michael P.

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  Have you learned to sing yet? You’re here to… Aries rules the head, Taurus rules the throat and the next sign, Gemini (starting on May 20th), provides the wind to spread whatever springs from your mind and lips through your beautiful voice. Your ruler Venus is in Gemini for the rest of May, so we’d like to hear what you’ve got to…

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The ABC’s of Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture, bodywork and chiropractic — A, B, C. Okay, those aren’t the only alternative therapies and they don’t by definition deserve more attention than dozens of others. But a column has to start somewhere.

It was reported May 9 that for the first time in 58 years (since records have been kept, that is) money spent on pharmaceutical drugs declined in calendar year 2012. The Big Pharma folks have their list of excuses but could it be that Americans are spending less on drugs because we are embracing alternative medicine more?

Labeling therapies that have been around for thousands of years as “alternative” rankles my sensibilities. Yet it’s true that traditional therapies like acupuncture, ayurveda, herbal remedies…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 9-May 15

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers! Taurus represents Mother Earth, the table upon which we find/present what your/our dreams are worth. Make it beautiful, and then Venus will/May come between us. It’s more fun being in love than not, isn’t it? Then, it all make$ $en$e; but doe$ it/that make dollar$?

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  It’s your turn to burn. Here comes the wave you’ve been waiting for! Kick out the jams and get ready to score. Create something you(’ll and we’ll all) adore, and then plant it into fertile Earth to/and find out what your dreams are worth!

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  MAN, HAVE YOU GOT IT MADE! On Friday, the Moon enters your…

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