Earth in the Balance

As our elected representatives in Lincoln plan to sell us out and plot the corporate takeover of Nebraska farmland and native prairie by a foreign oil company, the annual celebration of Earth Day blossoms. Saturday, April 21 will offer the area’s largest Earth Day event at Elmwood Park in Omaha. The schedule is ripe with displays, stage presentations, music, exhibitors and learning demonstrations. All of it is aimed at earth awareness. Even the beer garden.

We’re way past needing more “green” in 2012. The tipping point has been passed. Peak oil has been reached. The folly of fossil fuel has reaped its rewards. That doesn’t mean we should give up the ship. Like the Titanic, there is plenty…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 12-Apr. 18

We are in the last full week of Aries. The doors to this spring are finally opening. Kick it hard, and then meditate on what to do and how to channel your blazing fire of possibilities during this coming year. How’s the garden (of your mind)? Charge LARGE and (let other people) pick up the pieces later… Initiate before it’s too late. Make it happen. All systems go!

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Time to kick it into gear! You get a clue about what to do for these next 6/7 years on the afternoon of the 18th. Your meditation relates to reworking and/or finalizing what you tried to initiate around the Full Moon in Leo on…

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Omaha Health Expo 2012 Takes a Hike

After four successful years at the Omaha Civic Auditorium, the Omaha Health Expo is moving ten blocks east to the friendly confines of the CenturyLink Center. For this fifth consecutive gathering, the location seems befitting of the growth the Expo has seen in its nascent years.

The Omaha Health Expo is the brainchild of Bob Mancuso of Mid-America Expositions. The company, founded by Bob’s father, Robert, Sr., has been planning and staging productions in the Midwest since 1964. You might say the Omaha Health Expo is not their first rodeo.

In November of 2007, Bob and I met for lunch in Dundee. He told me his plans for a major exposition to bring information to the public…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 5-Apr. 11

Happy spring and Easter, everybody! Happy Full Moon in Libra on Friday, the 6th, at 2:19 in the afternoon. It’s spring! Time to fall in love. Let Venus come between us. Please read Cancer for the answer…and remember; if I (can) love you all, then who am I? And if you can love me, then who are you?

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Almost time! But they still won’t/don’t, can’t/shan’t listen to you for 2 more weeks (isn’t it hard being a “genius”?), and even you can’t accomplish without communication. But you can plan… Prepare to whip it out and give it form when the Moon and Mercury conjunct in the early degrees of Aries on April…

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Whitewashing Pink Slime and Other News

So a cattle rancher said to me this past weekend, “Can you believe they’re trying to whitewash this pink slime thing?” My friend is one cattleman who doesn’t agree with putting pink slime in ground meat. That it passes under the moniker of “lean, finely textured beef,” makes informed people laugh. Anyone who reads the New York Times article that broke the news about this stuff back in 2009 will come up with a very clear picture of what is slimy about the whole process. This is a case of the USDA, Big Meat advocacy groups and politicians playing fast and loose with accepted definitions of animal parts. When “beef” is defined as just about anything that comes from…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 29-Apr. 4

It’s the Year of the Dragon! Dragons know what they want — and then they get it! Wait ’til the morning of April 4th (when Mercury moves direct), test your wings, and ROAR! Then, get what you want during this coming year. Our European-based culture fights and slays our dragons, which represent the uncontrollably powerful forces of nature. The Oriental, African and Mayan cultures try to placate and/or trick dragons; usually through baiting them with their fabled love of riddles. Which reminds me: Why did the dragon cross the road? To get to the other side before the end of the Mayan Calendar…? We’ll see, won’t we…

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Wait like you’ve never waited…

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E-pollution: It’s everywhere you want to be.

 It’s everywhere; more ubiquitous than quick shops, strip malls, Walgreens or Starbucks. It penetrates buildings, rock and metal to get you. It soaks through the walls of your home like sweat through a cheap suit. It swarms through your body like ravenous piranha, impacting every function, attacking every cell. In its wake are suspected diseases of every nature, maladies of every sort: cancer, immune-system disruption, chronic fatigue and heart disease.

No, it’s not a science fiction construct, though science constructed it. It is the omnipresent, man-made and poorly understood electromagnetic field that blankets our planet, penetrates oceans and washes our bodies in waves of DNA-splitting, cell-rupturing, biochemically disrupting energy.

Electromagnetic radiation, (EMR), is the electronic and magnetic…

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