Flesh-eating Bacteria Topped with Honey

Though the numbers are actually miniscule, especially when compared to the number of people killed by the Standard American Diet, the recent rash of flesh-eating bacteria incidents makes headlines. The media attention reminds us that simple cuts and abrasions are an affront to our bodily defenses against bacterial invasion. Taking care to address a minor injury can divert devastating consequences. There are some natural alternatives that can be successful in helping the body defeat bacteria that might otherwise seek an opportunistic entry when we suffer a wound. With simple cuts and wounds that are something we would ordinarily treat at home, honey is a healthcare hero.

Honey for woundcare. My roommate in Burbank owned a big, happy Bassett…

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Let’s Get Physical

Check a few things off your bucket-list this summer and join The Nebraska Adventure Group. Skydiving, snowshoeing, kayaking, horseback riding and archery/shooting are some of the many activities NAG does. This group formed in 2009 and is all about exploring the meaning of adventure. Any age group can get involved – it’s a great way to explore Omaha in a different light and challenge your will power. If you’ve never kayaked or skied before, that’s even better. NAG wants you to expand your horizons and try new things. Don’t worry though – they have plenty of experienced members to guide you along the way. Annual membership fee is $12. To join or learn about their upcoming adventures, visit

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Shirtless Man Seen Doing Nothing Wrong

Report by Will Meinen of the Omaha Tattler.

OMAHA, Neb. — "No I didn't just have a domestic dispute with my wife," said the exasperated man standing outside of CVS pharmacy, his black Pantera shirt in hand. "I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up."

The man in faded blue jeans and worn, white New Balance sneakers had been answering similar questions all afternoon. He avoided eye contact when asked about the possibility of a domestic scuffle, and tapped his feet nervously from side to side, keeping an eye out for his friend's 1998 blue Dodge Dakota. On his left bicep was a black ink tattoo of the face of his 3-year-old daughter, on his right…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 24-May 30

Ahhh… Gemini — the breath (air sign) of spring. In astrological mathematical parlance: Aries + Taurus = (the duality of) Gemini. Ahhh…the ability to perceive both sides of the truth — at the same time! Let’s have some fun! Time to talk, talk, talk, talk, talk — and eventually communicate? Me first…

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  Did you feel the clarity on Thursday morning? It’s your world for a minute. Time to put your material concerns aside. Take a fresh breath… What’s important to YOU? Who are your brothers and sisters? First, communicate with them — and then accomplish. Wake up at dawn with the Sun on Sunday (your ruler Mercury conjunct the Sun) and be…

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Sunburned Eyeballs and Other Cautionary Tales

You don’t have to have a weather app to know it’s been a warm spring and that summer is leering right around the corner. As Earth transits the annual circle of the Sun, our axial tilt leans the Northern Hemisphere more directly into the radiant glow. More than in winter, sunlight comes intensely to us through less atmospheric filtering. Based on what the Mad Men say, Americans will be rushing to slather on sunscreen and spending billions of bucks on ways to block the sunlight.

Here Comes the Sun. Sunlight is good for us, indeed, essential. We are beings of light. Millions of bodily processes happen because of sunlight. Yet, despite our dependence on the sun, modern man…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 17-May 23

This week, put it into fertile soil before the invisible, divisible, duality reality of Gemini; id est, the “breath of spring,” blows you/it away with wordplay. Time to communicate. I’ll start…

b TAURUS (4.21-5.20) Thus concludes your best week in your best month of your best year in 12. This weekend is a superlative time for following through on projects. Who needs sleep? Wait ’til Sunday at sunset to communicate your new (moneymaking?) ideas. Implement your dream on Moonday after 4:17 p.m. (Omax time), and don’t let it go for the rest of the week — ’til next we speak.

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  Yes, you’re a BIG part of this BIG weekend’s doings (amidst…

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Let It Go: Forgiveness Heals

With all due sympathy for those who find themselves trapped making a living from government grants, corporate funding or university purse strings, so-called scientific research is a wank. Research generally is a hollow, after-the-fact exercise providing data best used to win an argument or acquire more research funding. A friend once said to me, in derision of research, “Give me a million bucks and a university lab and I can prove anything.”

That’s pretty much the way it goes. Research results usually reflect the viewpoint of the person or group funding the project. How else to explain research examining the same issue and coming up with contradictory results? Funnier still is the perception that research somehow leads to…

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Bud Rising

When Terence "Bud" Crawford defends his WBO lightweight title June 28 at the CenturyLink Center, he'll fight for himself, his tight-knit family and a...

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Bo Pelini behaved as if he had coached his last game at Nebraska, based on his sideline and post-game decorum, or lack thereof. That was the...

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Attention to detail

If not for Sam Burtch, the most dramatic play of this Nebraska football season might never have happened.

If not for Burtch, Ron Kellogg III...

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Planet Power: Nov. 21 - 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s be nice to each other and cultivate warm thoughts. You are what you think…


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Planet Power: Nov. 14 - 20, 2013

This issue marks my 17th year here at The “READER.” Thanks to John, Eric, my beloved Carrie, et al., for all your help, encouragement and...

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Planet Power: November 7 - 13, 2013

The new Aquarian-Age astrology is/will be ruled by the planet Uranus (yeah, I’ve heard that joke before). Traditional astrology, prior to the...

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Planet Power: Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2013

Happy Halloween! Let your subconscious desires flow as the twilight fades into the black of the night of the year. Don’t fear the night. You have...

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Holistic vs. Conventional

There are two kinds of medicine being practiced in the United States and mostly they are diametrically opposed. One form is of the traditional sort,...

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Red Meat Roulette

Yes, we live in a red state. When it comes to red meat, Nebraska has more beef on the hoof than any other state save Texas. And if you’re like most...

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Watermelon, Man

The Dog Days of deep summer can make a body desperate for help. The humble watermelon can help you make it through the plight. In August, with most...

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Not Milk

Junk mail. We all get it. Sure, in a lot of cases it’s called “spam” these days. But the snail-mail hardcopy still finds its way to the front door....

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