Ten Ways to a Healthy 2013

The New Year looms. Multitudes will be resolving change. Resolutions always seem to center around self-improvement and healthier lifestyle choices. We hear all the standards but these aren’t the everyday list.

Eat real food. Sounds simple but if you shop a normal grocery, you’ll see most of the “food” there is processed, heavily. You’ll have to keep your wits to choose real food. That includes meat, dairy and fish that was produced using highly suspect methods that adulterates it. The task of eating real food now includes avoiding GMOs. They are pervasive. And eating real food is a joy. There is a positive impact on health when we eat nutritious food. It does a body good. Education is…

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Would You Eat Insecticide?

On August 24, 2003, seven year-old Kayla Yvonne Allen died face down in her own vomit. She had been poisoned with Atroban, an insecticide used on farms. In 1957, Nikolai Khokhlov, a former KGB assassin, was poisoned with insecticide. Saddam Hussein was inclined to use the slower-acting insecticide Thallium to secretly dispatch dissidents. A macabre reality was that his doses took time to kill. His enemies were often able to emigrate before succumbing. Insecticides are effective killers and easy to find. Unfortunately, they are becoming far too easy to find in our food.

Pest Control 101. Bt toxin kills insects. It’s named for the bacteria it comes from, Bacillus thuringiensis. Bacteria often create toxins. That’s how and why…

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Cosmic Forecast, Dec. 13-19

Welcome to/through the last Cazimi New Moon of 2012. “Cazimi” means “Heart of the Sun,” and refers to that part of a conjunction of/between the Sun and Moon where there is less than a 17 minute arc between the centers of the 2 planets. There have been 7 Cazimi New Moons in 2012. I’ve never heard of them before. I’ve watched and observed the phenomenon, and have benefited each and every time; on April 21st, June 19th, July 18th, August 17th, September 15th, October 15th and finally, December 13th (in Sagittarius). Check your 2012 calendar and see if you can observe any interconnections between those dates. That’s how we learn in both astrology and life; through retrospection…and here we…

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Cosmic Forecast, Dec. 6-12

The BIG news is the Cazimi New Moon in Sagittarius, conjunct the Hunab Ku (the center of the Milky Way) from around 2:22 ’til 3:22 a.m. on December 13th. It seems like a very magical time for meditation and/or new starts for the magically-minded. Now, for you cynics, if there is no such thing as magique, then why do we have a name for it? I suggest that you find out for yourself. Either get up early on the 13th or stay up late (like me) on the 12th and see for yourself — like me. Start something fun! See you there, Jelly Bear…


i SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21)  Okay. You tell me how it’s gonna be.…

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Qi Gong Show

We owe a lot to ancient Chinese culture. For better or worse, China has been the cradle of creation when it comes to invention. The Big Four were invented in China: paper, printing, the compass and gunpowder. Along with those is a long list of other inventions, including the pasta noodle, silk, fireworks, toilet paper and the fork. Possibly no other culture was so inventive. That extends into the world of medical science, too.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered by most historians to be the oldest organized medical system known to mankind. Running the gamut from acupuncture to herbs, nutrition and exercise and more, TCM has gained in popularity in the West.

Near the core of TCM’s…

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Cosmic Forecast, Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Wheeew… We made it past that Mercury retrograde. Now, if we can just make it through the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar of 5,125 years that started around September 26, 3113 B.C., and ends (resets?) at approximately December 23, 2012 A.D. (the calendar wasn’t utilized, however, for its first thousand years). Have you realized that we’re not being bombarded with doomsday Mayan prophecy rhetoric through the media this year? Thank you to the powers that be! It’s good to know that BIG BROTHER still has enough clout to subdue the media (for our own good, of course), thus avoiding the “Y2K” paranoia that heralded the year 2000. The Milky Way has a slit running down its middle.…

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Welcome Back Rex

Rex Burkhead was running along the sideline. And Jeremiah Sirles wanted to know why.

“I’m going in,” Burkhead said.

“I was like, ‘Oh, well, let’s go then,’” said Sirles

The brief exchange between I-back and offensive tackle took place as the Nebraska football team prepared for the second half of the Iowa game on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Sirles patted his teammate on the back.

“See you in the end zone.”

With just over 3 minutes remaining in the third quarter, they did. Burkhead ran 3 yards for a touchdown, the Huskers’ only touchdown, on the frigid afternoon.

But one touchdown and two Brett Maher field goals were sufficient for a 13-7…

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Do nothing. Rest afterwards.

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My Two Cents

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The Eyes Have It

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