Top Ten Tips for Now

So the other day I was once again wanting to codify some behavior characteristics just to share with others. It seems to me that adjusting one’s life activities to consider these moves might be advantageous. In ascending order, I came up with this.

Avoid All Chemicals. Humans have made, found or used over 55 million unique chemicals over the course of history. The vast majority in just the past hundred or so years. We have no clear picture of the impact those chemicals have on the planet or on human health. Hardly any of those chemicals are tested and simply assumed okay for use if they don’t immediately make someone drop dead. And those chemicals are everywhere — in the…

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The End of Drunkenness

Drunkenness will soon be a thing of the past. Even now, scientists are creating new chemicals that will make it impossible for an alcohol drinker to experience drunkenness, no matter how much he or she consumes. This will initially be developed for use on alcoholics, but soon will become generally popular, as parents give it to children, adults to the very elderly, prison guards to prisoners, and the like. The chemical will very much be a tool of control -- those who have will maintain their ability to enjoy alcohol, while denying it to those that have not.

As a result, other intoxicants will grow in popularity among the underclasses. Opioids, already a national problem, will become an epidemic, as…

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Worm Therapy

Sporadically we offer newsy tidbits we’ve gleaned that cover alternative therapies, metaphysics and holistic awareness. Found recently, here’s some news.


Don’t Squirm. Eat a Worm. Ordinarily, you’d think that having a few internal parasites would be a really bad thing and you’d want to get rid of them as soon as possible, right? Well, if your life depended on them and you were healthier with them in your gut, you might think otherwise. It’s a small segment of the public but there is a growing number who intentionally introduce parasitical worms to the body and find relief from a variety of otherwise untreatable autoimmune diseases.

An autoimmune disease is a real mystery. How can it be that something can…

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Summer Solstice

You know, you never know who makes up a lot of this stuff. I mean, we have so many terms and myths that are ascribed to different parts of life and the world that we often never really stop to wonder how they came about. Take “honeymoon”, for instance.

Everyone knows the modern-day meaning. It’s that all-too-brief period of time immediately following a wedding, when the bride and groom are locked in connubial bliss. It’s often associated with a get-away or vacation, usually somewhere romantic. The term also elides into any relationship with a formal initiation and the happy period of time that follows that beginning phase. Heck, even pro athletes traded to a new team are said to enjoy…

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Meat Jellies

One of the strangest food trends will be the revival of savory gelatin dishes, called "aspic." These dishes, often made from jellied meat broths and containing meats, fruits and vegetables, were once popular in the Americas and Europe, but have long fallen into disfavor.

Nonetheless, in the next few years you will start seeing aspic dishes appearing in fine-dining restaurants, and the trend will soon move to fast food and home cooking. People will bring aspic dishes to parties, and some of the more adventurous will compete to create the most outrageous aspic dishes.

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Gut Reaction

Flip Wilson, groundbreaking comedian of the 1960s and ‘70s, elevated two comic catchphrases to status in the American vernacular. His stage character, Geraldine, played in drag, often ended skits with the expository screech, “The Devil made me do it!” It never failed to bring raucous laughter. Invoking innocence based on the influence of an outside force is commonplace in human behavior. And maybe it’s not so far removed from truth.

Free at Last? Not so Fast.

Whether a human being suffers pre-destination or operates under a free will was a debate labored over long and hard in my college days, usually at the Blackstone Hotel’s Golden Spur with late night Camels and coffee. Ever the humanist, I would usually take…

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

The earth will soon pass through a strange space anomaly that will shred our time stream like a cheese grater. Time will move faster and slower on earth, depending on where you are standing, and it will be possible for a person to age years in an instant by entering some spots while a move to another location will cause time to all but stop for them.

Less dramatically, people will find it impossible to schedule anything, as simply moving from home to work, or even across an office, will throw their schedule off by hours. This will be an economic catastrophe for the planet, and although the phenomenon will be relatively short-lived — a few weeks in absolute time — it…

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