The Future is Blue

The next 10 years will be a period of unexplained sadness. A large segment of the American population will just find themselves feeling sad in a way that defies medical science -- not depressed, but merely blue, as though they were remembering something that saddens them.

Those who have this feeling will not mind it, strangely. They will describe it as meditative, as though their whole life were spent contemplating its little tragedies and regretful moments. Many who experience this sadness will say it causes them to be a more compassionate person, as they are deeply sensitized to the suffering of others.

This will be known as America's Blue Period, and, when it passes as unexpectedly as it came, we…

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The Bates Method

Let’s get one thing straight: We are constantly being deceived. Oh, I don’t mean everyone is a pathological liar or that it’s done intentionally. It’s just that people — especially those in media — are sloppy with words and language. That’s the case with the Vision Council of America. That organization claims that 75 percent of adults use some sort of “vision correction.”

Now I don’t have an issue with the number they cite. I’m sure they can validate that by whatever means they use. But they’re talking about how many people wear glasses or contact lenses for vision correction. The truth is that glasses don’t correct your vision. Take ‘em off and see if your vision is any better.…

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Our Future Peace

Believe it or not, we are entering a time of unprecedented peace. There will be an international exhaustion with violence that will lead to constant and vigilant focus on diplomacy and disarmament, and we will develop and economic interdependence that will make war unthinkable.

It is our future. Dr. Mysterian has seen it. Now all that we must do is remain unafraid.

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Dirty Water

Not the Plague of Justinian in the Sixth Century. Nor was it the Cocoliztli Epidemic in the late 1500s. Ebola? Hah! Barely touches it with its 4000 dead. Only the Black Plague of Europe in the 1300s comes close. With fatalities at nearly 100 million, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 is generally regarded as the worst pandemic in human history. And it took only one year for a hundred million to die.

The Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918 killed more people in one year than the Black Plague killed in a century. It killed more people in 24 weeks than HIV killed in 24 years. At its peak, the 1918 pandemic was killing more people every 45 minutes than…

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Happier in a Smaller World

The most important task of the future will be one of curation. As a result of an increasingly digitized world, we will inevitably find ourselves living within a online bubble. We will be friends with people who look like us and share our views. We will read sites that support our worldview. The world will grow smaller and less interesting and challenging, unless we directly address it.

For those who wish to avoid this, there will be technology to help. Programs will analyze your music collection and let you know, for instance, that you listen to music made by men five times more often than music made by women. These programs will also offer suggestions to assist you: Female musicians…

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Top Ten Tips for Now

So the other day I was once again wanting to codify some behavior characteristics just to share with others. It seems to me that adjusting one’s life activities to consider these moves might be advantageous. In ascending order, I came up with this.

Avoid All Chemicals. Humans have made, found or used over 55 million unique chemicals over the course of history. The vast majority in just the past hundred or so years. We have no clear picture of the impact those chemicals have on the planet or on human health. Hardly any of those chemicals are tested and simply assumed okay for use if they don’t immediately make someone drop dead. And those chemicals are everywhere — in the…

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The End of Drunkenness

Drunkenness will soon be a thing of the past. Even now, scientists are creating new chemicals that will make it impossible for an alcohol drinker to experience drunkenness, no matter how much he or she consumes. This will initially be developed for use on alcoholics, but soon will become generally popular, as parents give it to children, adults to the very elderly, prison guards to prisoners, and the like. The chemical will very much be a tool of control -- those who have will maintain their ability to enjoy alcohol, while denying it to those that have not.

As a result, other intoxicants will grow in popularity among the underclasses. Opioids, already a national problem, will become an epidemic, as…

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