Athletic Supporters

The body of a pro athlete is his or her tool. If it doesn’t work, they don’t work. Same in college athletics. At major universities, scholar/athlete play big-time sports because it’s important to them. Maintaining a finely tuned piece of equipment covers all the bases, from nutrition to skills, mental acuity to physical rehabilitation after injury. And if an athlete — at any level — can gain an edge, well, that’s why they keep score. It’s about competing.

Gold is gone. Rope-a-dope is in. Remember the days of baseball bling? Like a holdover from a bad disco movie from the ‘80s, baseballers were often seen with twenty pounds of solid gold draped across their chest, inside their shirt.…

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Cosmic Forecast, Jun. 14-20

The breath of spring (Gemini) is about to blow itself away (cute trick?). We’ll see (feel) what the waters of life (Cancer) have to say (deal), as the winds of change (steal) surrender to the (real) sweet heat of a summer beat, and the livin’ is “eeeeee z”… Stay nice as ice, cool as a jewel, and diamonds all the timin’ (-’s everything). Tiptoeing through the tulips with your mint juleps. The Gemini/Cancer New Cazimi Moon is on the 19th, Tuesday morning, at 10:02, Omax time. It’s a hot and heavy psychic power sway — a half an hour either way. Summer starts at sunset on Wednesday, the 20th. Es verdad! -Miguel Jose


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Let’s Talk E. coli — Again

Last week America heard more news out of Atlanta and the Center for Disease Control about another deadly E. coli outbreak. They say this time that it’s a different strain of Escherichia coli, one labeled O145. Usually CDC blames a serotype named O157:H7 but this time O145 is getting the headlines. What’s good about that is that the American public may finally realize not all E. coli is the same and that the most dangerous varieties are the unintended consequence of human hubris.

It’s important to know that usually, E. coli is natural, beneficial bacteria that live harmlessly inside all of us. It exists primarily in the gut of warm-blooded animals and for humans, that’s a good thing…

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Cosmic Forecast Jun 7-Jun 13

The CD “Zodiac,” an amalgam of my love for music and the beauty of astrology, produced by 7 times 7 Records, is ready. It comprises 12 tunes for the 12 signs, plus my celestial intro, “Candle Song.” Please, if it be your will, light a candle in the dark, slip it in and experience my (3) loves!

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  I hear your mama calling. Mercury, your ruler, just entered the sign of Cancer ’til June 25th. Domestic concerns, picnics, cleaning up the pad, childcare, changing the “diapers” of humanity and friends, water meditations, being overly sensitive, being a “crybaby” and whining to get what you want all lead to communicating with your mom. Your…

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Blitzing for Bruno

Yoda called it the Force. The Kalahari ¡Kung call it num. The Chinese term is chi. Continentals and readers of Nobel Laureate Henri Bergson would call it élan vital. In Japanese, it’s ki; Sanskrit, prana; in Hawaiian, mana. Einstein could have called it the unified field. And in his lectures, Bruno Gröning called it “the Heilstrom.”

No matter the name, the concept is the same: a singular, all-encompassing energy force animates and imbues all things with life. Tellingly, conventional medicine has no name for it.

In American medical circles, acknowledging a Higher Force, is outside the normal frame of reference. Get a sniffle and the first thing we do is turn to drugs. Our faith in natural…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 31-June 6

Be as invisible as the wind. Those who are invisible carry no grudges, have no physical worries or problems and incur no debts. The invisible owe nothing, and therefore, nothing is owed to them — for in truth, they have no pockets. Let the winds of the wise carry our voices to each other, caress and cool our skin, and subtly, subconsciously guide us toward our truest direction. Here’s this week’s roadmap. Bon voyage! -Michelle Bonsoir.

c GEMINI (5.21-6.21)  How does it feel to be driving for a change, instead of diving/jiving/surviving for change? It’s finally your turn to burn. You’re a smart cookie — for a rookie. Prove it or move it. Use it…

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Flesh-eating Bacteria Topped with Honey

Though the numbers are actually miniscule, especially when compared to the number of people killed by the Standard American Diet, the recent rash of flesh-eating bacteria incidents makes headlines. The media attention reminds us that simple cuts and abrasions are an affront to our bodily defenses against bacterial invasion. Taking care to address a minor injury can divert devastating consequences. There are some natural alternatives that can be successful in helping the body defeat bacteria that might otherwise seek an opportunistic entry when we suffer a wound. With simple cuts and wounds that are something we would ordinarily treat at home, honey is a healthcare hero.

Honey for woundcare. My roommate in Burbank owned a big, happy Bassett…

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Watermelon, Man

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Not Milk

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