Cosmic Forecast, Jan. 31-Feb. 6

Here comes Hernán, with his bill of goods and his holier-than-thou, know-it-all teachings, while disguising his greed (his soon-to-be-bloody sword disguised as a crucifix, plus a roomful of gold), his thirst for adventure, and its most blessed child — fame. Read deeply into this meant-to-be mystery. Hernán Cortés had a daughter (Leonor) with one of Montezuma’s daughters. Politics/religions make strange bedfellows, indeed. Still, somehow, it’s all meant to be. Nothing happens but the will of Allah. (“Allah” equals all things, and more.) —K’uhl Mut(i) Ahau

k AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17)  Well, is/was it crazy or sedate? Mars just whipped through Aquarius during the month of January, and leaves you after sunset on Friday, the 1st, as Venus…

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What To Do About the Flu

Most Americans (along with most of the world, for that matter,) avoid the flu shot. Besides its effectiveness being questioned, the flu vaccine comes under fire from critics for a variety of reasons. So if you’re part of the majority who eschew the flu jab, what options do you have?

Don’t get the flu. Staying healthy is easier than getting healthy. The simplest way to avoid the flu is to observe the common-sense behavior that will keep the immune system in tip-top shape. It takes no Mensa medico to remind us of healthful habits that keep us healthy during flu season: adequate rest, good nutrition, address stress, support the immune system. There are also some things to do…

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Cosmic Forecast, Jan. 24-30

Now to the children of the jungle comes the European emissary Hernán Cortes, representing the Piscean avatar, the “Prince of Peace” — an incarnation of Vishnu/divine love. It happens to be 1519, and the Amerindians have been expecting the return of their bearded Quetzalcoatl — also an incarnation of Vishnu/Venus/Tlaloc. Everyone was right! Avatars don’t have to be — and aren’t usually — received and interpreted as their followers expect them to be. That’s part of what makes them magique…and somehow, magically, it all works out! —K’uhl Mut(i) Ahau.

k AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17)  Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am! Jigsaw. She saw. Outta da can. We made it through da first terd. Das’ da werd. Only our…

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

It’s going to be an early spring. I’m not a meteorologist but remember Dylan’s words: “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” Plants and animals have an innate weather forecaster that’s readily observed and recent past points to an early growing season. Plants are blooming sooner than ever and squirrels aren’t hiding their nuts with such a stubby winter.

In case you haven’t noticed, it hasn’t rained much in these parts the last couple years. Snowfall this winter was hardly worth the “snow emergency” scam the city fathers perpetrated, generating a $36,000 windfall in parking tickets in the process. Fifty-degree days in January aren’t supposed to be so common.

We’re deep in…

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Cosmic Forecast, Jan. 17-23

Let’s take it back to the “Primitive Beauty.” The media hype surrounding the “end of the world” had/has it all wrong. (Whatever sells, right?) The focus of the Aztec, Mayan and Incan culture’s galactic synchronicity around December 21st-23rd should have emphasized not the end — but rather, a/the new beginning. I can feel it. Before the Iron-Age conquistadors smashed through the Bronze-Age weapons of the Mesoamericans’ culture, they were not just a group of native spearchuckers. Instead, they were the greatest mathematicians/astronomers of all time. Let’s meditate on the primitive beauty ’til the Europeans show up in the picture next week — when once again, we speak. —K'uhul Mut Ahaw

j CAPRICORN (12.21-1.18)  The party’s…

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Spagyric: Making Your Own Medicine

Estimates say that up to 90 percent of pharmaceutical drugs owe their origin to plant and herbal remedies that have been in use for millennia. Using reductionist science — the questionable skill of tearing apart natural substances to isolate what modern scientists call “active ingredients” — Big Pharma produces potent versions of medicines that often cause more harm than good. Disrespecting the holistic nature of healing, modern science extracts isolated chemicals that can be patented for profit. Yet there is a way to optimize the healing potential of natural substances without compromising their innate characteristics. That method is the ancient art of alchemy using the Spagyric process. Big Pharma doesn’t do it that way but you can make medicinal…

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Preseason Favorites on a Roll

Seismic shifts in conference alignment have been rocking college athletics over the past few seasons, and it appears likely that Creighton could get caught up in the shift. Speculation has been running wild around the Creighton program in recent weeks regarding the Jays’ future conference plans.
Last month the presidents of the 7 Catholic colleges that compete only in basketball in the Big East Conference elected to defect and form their own league. DePaul, Georgetown, Marquette, Providence, Seton Hall, St. Johns, and Villanova are expected to add either 3 or 5 teams to their ranks, with Creighton’s name high on the list of potential new members.

The timing has never been better for Creighton to…

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Bud Rising

When Terence "Bud" Crawford defends his WBO lightweight title June 28 at the CenturyLink Center, he'll fight for himself, his tight-knit family and a...

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Bo Pelini behaved as if he had coached his last game at Nebraska, based on his sideline and post-game decorum, or lack thereof. That was the...

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Attention to detail

If not for Sam Burtch, the most dramatic play of this Nebraska football season might never have happened.

If not for Burtch, Ron Kellogg III...

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Planet Power: Nov. 21 - 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s be nice to each other and cultivate warm thoughts. You are what you think…


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Planet Power: Nov. 14 - 20, 2013

This issue marks my 17th year here at The “READER.” Thanks to John, Eric, my beloved Carrie, et al., for all your help, encouragement and...

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Planet Power: November 7 - 13, 2013

The new Aquarian-Age astrology is/will be ruled by the planet Uranus (yeah, I’ve heard that joke before). Traditional astrology, prior to the...

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Planet Power: Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2013

Happy Halloween! Let your subconscious desires flow as the twilight fades into the black of the night of the year. Don’t fear the night. You have...

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Do nothing. Rest afterwards.

Meditation. The word is everywhere, even though people misuse it and misunderstand it. Folks think that it’s an activity. Yet, in order to use...

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My Two Cents

Let’s start with a little math, rounded up to the nearest number: There are four, 15-minute segments in each hour and 24 hours in a day. That means...

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The Eyes Have It

Imagine we lived just about 100 years ago and I pulled you aside and said it was possible to touch a couple wires to your chest and tell you if you...

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Good Egg or Bad Egg?

It’s true. I once taught at UCLA. It was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Each quarter I had a routine. On the first day of class, I encouraged the...

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