E-pollution: It’s everywhere you want to be.

 It’s everywhere; more ubiquitous than quick shops, strip malls, Walgreens or Starbucks. It penetrates buildings, rock and metal to get you. It soaks through the walls of your home like sweat through a cheap suit. It swarms through your body like ravenous piranha, impacting every function, attacking every cell. In its wake are suspected diseases of every nature, maladies of every sort: cancer, immune-system disruption, chronic fatigue and heart disease.

No, it’s not a science fiction construct, though science constructed it. It is the omnipresent, man-made and poorly understood electromagnetic field that blankets our planet, penetrates oceans and washes our bodies in waves of DNA-splitting, cell-rupturing, biochemically disrupting energy.

Electromagnetic radiation, (EMR), is the electronic and magnetic…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 22-Mar. 28

Hang loose. This is a questioning phase, not a time of — or for — manifesting. We are all going to be offered an opportunity to play the April Fool during this coming week. Stay cool and stay “asleep” for this one more week, ’til once again we speak. Hang loose…

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  You’ll be offered the perfect opportunity to play the April Fool. Wait ’til after Wednesday, April 4th, to participate and/or initiate. Spring is officially here, but its message remains unclear until Mercury (communications) moves direct. Expect an unexpected preview, initiating these next 6 years, as the Sun conjuncts the planet of the unusual, the unexpected and the bizarre (Uranus), and casts…

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Clean Green this Spring

The vernal equinox has arced the heavens and we’re into the season of spring. (Though it feels more like summer.) If you have an urge to straighten things up around the house or apartment, to shine and clean those areas that have become dingy and dusty during the winter, or maybe to spend an afternoon cleaning the clutter that is in the passenger-side footwell and washing and waxing the car, you’re not alone. Psychologists say that the drive to organize and secure the nest is a springtime instinct we share with nature, as we see animals building nests, emerging from hibernation and blossoms opening from buds. For the human animal as well, spring is a time of renewing and…

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Nature’s Perfect Food? Eggs-actly!

It comes in its own package, albeit a tad fragile. It has a reasonable shelf life, even at room temperature. It has relatively low production costs and a high food value. The micronutrients are phenomenal and the macronutrients ideal. Eating them can help you lose weight, control your cholesterol and help fight heart disease. They can make you smarter, stronger and leaner. What is this superfood? It’s the humble, delicious and nutritionally balanced chicken egg. If you want all these things, don’t skimp and buy the cheap, factory version. You’ll get what you pay for. No, instead, get the best eggs you can to get the most out of the shell. Here is a guide for selecting the best…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 15-Mar. 21

Just enjoy your life on this precious little planet. Breathe deep through this next season. You don’t need a reason; as reason will/can not serve you at this time. Keep your sense of humor and have a little more wine. What the hell… Don’t waste your time answering questions that time will tell. Peace and love shall conquer all. There are “know” mistakes. (That spelling was on purpose. I only look/act like a stupid hippie [with a tremendous sense of humor].)

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  First steps are the hardest. Where do you want to be in 13 years? (Did Zager and Evans know something? [Hey Mark, did they know it even when they were back…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 8-Mar. 14

Here comes one of the craziest Mercury retrogrades I’ve ever imagined. Imagine that — with me. Read on, oh undaunted scryers, for truth and discovery are at hand — and can be richly rewarding during such trying times. Good luck, and check out my newly renovated website, thanks to Jeff Spring. MOJOPOPlanetPower.com

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  You thought you were done? You’re not! Boom! Here comes the truth! Getting a little lazy in a lax season? You’ll start to pay this week. Starting on the 24th, the fish emulsion hits the fan ’til the first week of April. Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces. Get ready; it’ll be time for you to play THE FOOL! Everybody has to sometimes,…

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Pet Food Promises… Broken.

It looked good on the label. And, to the best of my recollection, the product info described a loving pet owner in Colorado whose longtime canine companion died too young. The owner — let’s call him “Tom” — decided his doggie’s demise was due to poor nutrition from low quality dog food. Tom’s tale glistened on shiny placards and from full-color tri-fold brochures. And most importantly to me, the product, called Pet Promise, touted that there were no animal by-products in the ingredients.

Animal by-products are the dregs of the food chain, if you can call them food. When an animal carcass is stripped of everything commonly useful, the remaining bone, skin, hair, ligaments, eyeballs, toenails, tumors, tissues…

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