Cosmic Forecast, June 13-June 19

I understand why Mother’s Day falls in Taurus, since Taurus is the sign of Mother Earth, but why does Father’s Day take place in Gemini? It would be much more suitable in Aries, as the father is the head (Aries rules the head) of the family. Perhaps we’re of two minds about fatherhood? Happy Father’s Day, either way! —Michael De Lyon (a wizard has many names or none — never one…)

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  Use it before you lose it. One more week in Gemini, and 2 more weeks before your ruler Mercury moves retrograde at 23° Cancer for 3 exasperating, inconclusive, mentally abusive, “misuse-ive,” inconclusive weeks. Nothing you can’t handle and bounce back from,…

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Cosmic Forecast, June 6-June 12

Happy Cazimi New Moon in lovable Gemini, around 11 a.m. on Saturday. Picture what you seek, or hang loose and see what the universe has — or will manifest — for thee. It’s in Gemini, so it could go either way. This be the truth from Miguel Jose.

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  You are all about your home center and the expen$e it take$ to maintain it, as your ruler Mercury has entered (your 2nd Hou$e of) Cancer ’til August. It’s a longer transit than usual, ’cuz Mercury moves retrograde on June 26th for 3 weeks. It’ll be time to rework your current work, re-groove, review, and then facet the gem you’re working on. $ound$ like…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 30-June 5

Sorry about last week’s repeat of the previous week’s article. My record with the “Reader” so far — in 16 1/2 glorious years, encompassing 858 issues — is 7 mistakes for the “Reader” and 5 for myself. Now, to speak on behalf of our current “Reader” crew, 3 of their tally dated from the short-lived (oh my GOD, forgive me for my pun!) Alan Baer buyout (oh, by the way, Timothy S., still think I’m a “homophobe”?). Not bad, over all… Over a 99% success ratio! Fortunately, both the “Planet Power” and the “Reader” websites featured last week’s lost holy epistles, verbatim. Whenever in doubt — check it out, for there are no mistakes (when you do what you…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 23-May 29

Happy Full Moon in early Sagittarius just before midnight on Friday, kickin’ off the wildest weekend this spring! It’s time to talk, talk, talk about it! You’ll see. Have fun, ’cuz if it’s not fun — it’s not done.

c GEMINI (5.20-6.19)  One more month of Jupiter (the planet of luck and expansion) in your sign, especially affecting those Geminis born in mid-June. This weekend initiates the denouement with a BANG! The Full Moon on Friday (the 24th) night is in your opposite sign (which is ruled by the aforesaid Jupiter); the nefarious, outrageous, contagious, “contrariest” sign of Sagittarius. Dare I mention voraciously loquacious? Start talkin’ lucky! Use it before you lose it on June…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 16-May 22

Happy spring (I hope and pray)! It’s time to move from planting seeds for the/your economy (Taurus) to talkin’/squawkin’ ’bout it (Gemini) with anybody who’ll listen, starting on the day of the Moon, ’round 4:00 in the afternoon. Communication/duality/mentality will be the key(s)! This be the truth, from Michael P.

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  Have you learned to sing yet? You’re here to… Aries rules the head, Taurus rules the throat and the next sign, Gemini (starting on May 20th), provides the wind to spread whatever springs from your mind and lips through your beautiful voice. Your ruler Venus is in Gemini for the rest of May, so we’d like to hear what you’ve got to…

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Cosmic Forecast, May 2-May 8

¿Cómo ésta? Happy Cinco de Mayo. This is the/a week to clean up, take care of and finish up your spring cleaning. Take care of all the/your loose ends before the New Moon in Taurus on May 9th. —Miguelito Mira Nubes (Little Michael Cloud Watcher)

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  You’ve got a week to get it together. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, this year conjunct both Mars and Mercury, happens late in the evening of next Thursday, May 9th. Venus, your ruler, will be at her strongest right before she departs Taurus for Gemini that morning. You’ll either be in love — or wish you were. You(’ll) have to start by loving yourself, or…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 25-May 1

Happy Full Moon conjunct a retrograde Saturn at 5° degrees Scorpio, at 3 ’til 3:00 on the afternoon of the 25th. Watch out! Responsibility is about to raise its ugly purple head! A lot of “executive complexes” will activate their hexes. That’s the cost of being/knowing/catering to a/the “boss.” It’s time now (Taurus) to make/stake that plan along the slow, steady path toward the accomplishments we deem necessary for spring, 2013. When there’s enough love (Venus) in the air (Taurus/Gemini) it will turn (in)to spring; from my newest song, “I’ve Just Seen Everything.”

b TAURUS (4.19-5.19)  You’ve got the Martian rocket in your pocket for the entire transit of the Sun in Taurus. The Sun…

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