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Cutting Room

Blades will run, Spiders will crawl, Rangers will Morph

Blade Runner 2 is happening, and we all need to just accept that. Despite absolutely no need to revisit one of the most singularly influential works of neo-noir science-fiction, we’ve now got a director (Denis Villeneuve) and confirmation of Harrison Ford’s involvement. Notice, I said nothing about acting, as all I can tell you give his last decade-plus of work is that Ford will appear and stand around as contractually obligated.

Interviewers asked Josh Hutcherson and Donald Glover if they’d be interested in playing Spider-man, as if literally any actor would be like “I understand that it comes with a vast sum of money and immense popularity but I didn’t get into show business for money or fame.” Various outlets have reported that there’s a “95% chance” Spidey won’t be a white dude in his new Marvel incarnation. Of course, that was before a report from the always-reputable Latino-Review.com declared a 96% chance he WILL be a white dude. I’m 97% sure that we’ll all watch the movie no matter what.

A really interesting thing is playing out right now on the Internet. I understand that could be referring to many different, dark corners of the web, but I’m talking about Power/Rangers. If you haven’t seen it, director Joseph Kahn teamed up with James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff to make a hilariously dark and violent short film based on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. What’s brilliant is that it is a self-professed fan film that is actually an incendiary send-up of fan films. Kahn has compared the nobility of making a fan film with directing pornography, in case you thought I was overreaching in my analysis. By dialing all the “dark and gritty” elements of many fan efforts all the way up to 11, Kahn is ribbing the genre. Brilliantly, many people are eating it up as though its intentions were real. Not Haim Saban though. The creator and owner of the series has successfully removed the short film from various sites, arguing copyright infringement. And here’s the debate: Fan films that are not attempting to profit have been traditionally allowed to exist. Does the involvement of professionals like Kahn and his actors mean the film isn’t technically a fan film? Or is Saban just mad that his lame gibberish finally did something interesting for once?

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posted at 11:58 am
on Friday, February 27th, 2015


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