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Cutting Room for February

Apparently, Film Streams really likes silly dancing. How else can you explain… You know what, they’re showing Son of the Congo, a documentary about Serge Ibaka escaping the war-torn African country to star in the NBA. That’s not Son of  the Conga, which I had imagined was a movie about someone conceived while dancing in a line at a wedding. The film will be screened for free on Tuesday, February 16 at 7 pm and will be followed with a discussion by filmmaker Adam Hootnick and Omaha Talons Academy founder and director Koang Doluony. What a great last name the director has! It’s like he’s asking someone named Nick if he had a good time! I’ll show myself out…

If you thought you couldn’t be less interested in another live-action version of He-Man, let me help you with that. Director McG is in talks to make another live-action version of He-Man. Despite being a property that no one is demanding, involving a character with the dumbest name this side of Person-Guy, we must accept that this movie is in our future. Well, mine anyway, you can probably pretend this never happened.

Prequels are always awesome, right?! So, great news! They’re giving us a Die Hard prequel! Now, I know what you’re thinking: How can they do a prequel for a movie where the entire premise is that an average cop is put in a crazy situation? Answer: Nobody is sure! Oh, and Bruce Willis will still be in it! And not bookending the flashback in the beginning and end. He’s gonna somehow be “in it” in it! The only way I’m okay with this is if it’s somehow a “Doctor Who” crossover.

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posted at 12:00 am
on Friday, February 05th, 2016


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