Three interesting books came across the desk in the past weeks. In-depth reviews may follow for each in the near future but for now, we’ll give a capsule summary of each.

Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses. Brad Olsen. San Francisco, CCC Publishing, 2014. 482 Pp. $17.95 (paper), $7.69 Kindle.

Brad Olsen is the author of over a dozen books and this title is the most recent in his brilliant Esoteric Series. A seasoned world traveler now a longtime San Francisco resident, Olsen made his mark in the publishing world with his travel series, beginning with the World Stomper Series of books then examining cultural significance in his Sacred Destinations Series. Olsen contributed exclusive articles for each issue of Heartland Healing Magazine during its publication run from 2004 through 2010. This new Esoteric Series establishes Olsen as a leading author in the field of New Age investigation of alternative perspectives on cultural history and modern reality. From conspiracy theories to just plain facts, Olsen has developed into a respected authority on how we have been sold a bill of goods by mainstream media, the dictatorial elite and arcane power-hungry groups seeking to control human existence since the beginning of time.

The introduction of Modern Esoteric alone is the most thought-provoking piece I've read in years. This book is for two kinds of people: Those who already know or suspect that the world is not as we have been led to believe and for those are just beginning to figure that out.

For readers who already know a lot about the esoteric and hidden realities that exist, then this book confirms, supports and validates that which you may suspect and then takes you a step further. For readers who are just beginning to realize that the world may have a hidden reality, then this book will have something new for you on every page.

I have never read an author who has a deeper knowledge and greater grasp on all the connected dots that will amaze and astonish. Olsen doesn't appear to have any particular axe to grind or position that he demands of the reader. He simply asks, "What if there's a different way to look at the world?" and then Olsen exposes evidence why that is a valid question. From chemtrails and ancient cults that still exist today, to conspiracy theories that have been shown to be truth, to exposing the cartels that control civilization and much much more, Olsen will keep the reader spellbound and bouncing from one google search to another. You'll go, "Wow, is that really true?" then do a google search and find out: "Yes, Olsen knows what he's talking about.” And finally, it's gratifying that in the end, Olsen takes a positive and optimistic stance on what can sometimes be a very depressing and hopeless topic. Read it. ★★★★★

Digestive Intelligence: A Holistic View of Your Second Brain. Irena Matveikova, M.D. Scotland, Findhorn Press. Release Date: July, 2014. 176 Pp. $16.99 (paper), Kindle TBA.

I saw a presser on this book and asked Findhorn for a review copy. The subject is compelling, investigating the impact of the living being that comprises the human gut. Fact: 90% of the cells living in a body are not human. We have a massive population of bacteria and fungi numbering in the billions. Though traditional medicine such as ayurveda and Chinese medicine (and most other cultures throughout history) have always acknowledged that the human being is an holistic event. But Western medicine is reductionist, teaching that humans are simply a conglomeration of separate systems that can be treated and understood as free-standing events, each with a singular function. The brain drives neural function. The heart pumps. The gut digests. The kidneys pee. But in fact, we must remember that each system has more than one function. It all works together. Matveikova opens our eyes to the idea that when we say, “I’ve got a gut feeling about that…” we are really talking about an essential intelligence that our digestive system plays a part in. Great read for those seeking a better understanding of how the mind/body works and its role in things like irritable bowel, Crohn’s Disease and more. ★★★☆☆

The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America's Food Business. Christopher Leonard. New York, Simon & Schuster. February, 2014. 384 Pp. $28.00 (hardcover), $12.99 (Kindle)

Since 1906 and the roman à clef novel by Sinclair Lewis, The Jungle, we should all know better than to eat industrial meat. From Lewis’ searing exposé of the meatpacking industry over 100 years ago, things have only gotten worse. Former cattle rancher Howard Lyman told us more in his 2001 triumph Mad Cowboy and movies like Food, Inc. and King Corn tell us even more about the horrid qualities of modern meat packing. In The Meat Racket,  Leonard takes on the history and ethical drive of the Tyson meat megalopoly. The dangers of a vertically integrated and controlled meatpacker pay consequences that are dire for animals, eaters and the planet. More to come on this one. ★★★★☆

Be well.

Heartland Healing is a New Age polemic describing alternatives to conventional methods of healing the body, mind and planet. It is provided as information and entertainment, certainly not medical advice. It is not an endorsement of any particular therapy, either by the writer or The Reader. Visit for more information.

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posted at 03:12 pm
on Sunday, April 27th, 2014


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