Wha’ Happened!?


That was it? That was 2013? Whew! Well, let’s hope hindsight, being 20/20, converts to foresight with similar acuity in 2014. Find links to all these referenced stories at http://www.HeartlandHealing.com/2013
January: Ow! Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council reported Americans live sicker and die younger than any other developed nation, despite spending over twice as much on healthcare than any other country. Solution? Live in America but don’t live like Americans. Also: ethanol plants closing.
February: USDA reports show grass fed beef sales soaring. Grass fed beef is better than mass-produced grain-fed beef, both for people and the planet. Also: Al Gore admits ethanol is a bad idea.
March: Where would we be without Whole Foods grocery store? Kudos to the chain for announcing it would require labeling all foods on their shelves that contain GMOs. Also: ethanol exposed, days of promise fading.
April: Arnold Schwarzenegger warns that climate change is greatest looming disaster and “must be addressed.” Also: Feds become largest corn sugar drug dealers and subsidize sales to ethanol plants.
May: Rogue, illegal GMO wheat found in Oregon. Monsanto: “Oops!” Plus: University of Nebraska water scientists warn that rerouted Keystone Pipeline is still unacceptable risk. And: American spending on prescription drugs decreases first time in decades. Also: Wolf Blitzer to Oklahoma tornado survivor: “You thank the Lord you survived, right?” Survivor: “I’m an atheist. I don’t have to thank the lord.”
June: Monsanto halting GMO push in Europe. “GMO crops don’t have acceptance in European societies,” spokesperson admits. German government: “The many promises of GMOs has not come true for agriculture in Europe or in emerging countries.” Also: Sierra Club and Malcolm X Foundation urge OPPD to shut down massively polluting North Omaha coal-burning power plant. Say it causes death and disease to residents. Plus: Bt toxin, added to nearly all US corn and eaten by nearly all Americans, kills human kidney cells and destroys gut lining in lab tests. And: Chipotle chain labels GMOs on its menu.
July: GMO crops fail to protect, cause huge surge in use of chemicals on Nebraska farms. Also: Cat poop carries extremely dangerous disease; should be banned. Plus: Solid science shows raw milk a safe, low-risk food with many advantages. And: NYC begins program allowing M.D.’s to “prescribe” fruits and veggies for health. Also: Ethanol causing spike in gas prices.
August: Federal farm policy killing millions by promoting junk food diets and costing US economy $11 trillion (with a “t). Plus: CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta announces: “I’ve changed my mind on medical marijuana.” (Pro) And: Growth stimulant Zilmax, regularly fed to cattle, is deadly. Tyson Foods rejects animals raised with it. Feds announce subsidized crop insurance payouts to farmers reaches all-time high of $18 billion, most for ethanol corn.
September: Pink slime oozes its way back into school lunches. Plus: CDC admits overuse of antibiotics on farms is killing 23,000 Americans yearly. And: Just because it says “organic” doesn’t mean it isn’t owned by Coca Cola. Plus: Piers Morgan gets flu shot from Dr. Oz on-air then misses work because he gets sick from it.
October: Are you still eating them or feeding them to your kids? Study shows little chicken meat in chicken nuggets, mostly bone, gristle and fat. Yuck. Plus: Pot kills cancer cells, shrinks tumors. And: Lab research study confirms that Oreos are more addictive than crack cocaine. Also: GMO crops causing Argentina to use more chemical pesticides than ever, leading to major cancer cluster epidemic.
November: Secretary of State John Kerry’s verbal blunder accidentally stops a war. Plus: Cannabis kills leukemia cancer cells. And: Online petition prompts Kraft to remove artificial chemical coloring from Mac and Cheese product. It’s still junk food but less toxic junk food. Plus: Herbal medicines and supplements deserve far more scrutiny than thought; adulterated, impure ingredients common. Get them from a reliable herbalist, acupuncturist. And: Millions of your tax dollars go to subsidize four ethanol plants in Nebraska. Even though ethanol is financially unviable, we have to pay for a failed business plan. More: After 150 years of being sold to Americans in billions of food products, the USDA considers banning disease-causing hydrogenated trans fats. The Feds are right on top of things. And: Jury-rigged panel charged with setting official guidelines for physicians prescribing heart drugs tries to get all Americans hooked on cholesterol drugs. Turns out the majority of docs on the panel had ties to drug companies. Duh!
December: 2013 was a good year. Awareness rose regarding antibiotic use on farms, GMO crops as a danger to Spaceship Earth. A plain herb was legalized for use in two states, the local food movement continues to grow, the dangerous Keystone Pipeline still isn’t built, less money spent on prescription drugs. Though “social” media continues to make us less social, use of Facebook in the younger metrics appears to be flagging. Bad news on the horizon: Cheap, incandescent bulbs are doomed due to government meddling so beware of CFLs in 2014. Avoid them. Halogen incandescent and low-energy incandescent are better.
Be well.

posted at 07:08 pm
on Friday, December 20th, 2013


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