The Lupines release three songs online

* The first recordings of the Lupines are now available online. The recordings are from about 18 months ago, when John Ziegler went down to Lincoln's Plan C with Mark Wolberg. The all-analog session came together as Ziegler's former band, Brimstone Howl, was dissolving. Since recording the nine songs in Lincoln, Ziegler formed the Lupines consisting of guitarist Mike Friedman, bassist Mike Tulis and drummer Javid Dabestani. Ziegler says the band plans to record full band recordings in the next few months. Three songs from the Lincoln sessions can be heard at The band's next show is Thursday, August 30th at the Barley Street Tavern, 2735 North 62nd St.

* One of the best local music showcases in recent memory will also be going towards a very good cause. UUVVWWZ, Dim Light, Solid Goldberg and the Dads will play the Lynden Lyme Benefit Friday, July 13th at the Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.. The event was organized by Timothy Scahill, who fronted Lincoln's Rent Money Big. His fiance Lynden contracted the disease and has had mounting medical bills while battling the disease and its complications. The $7 show seeks to help battle those bills, while presenting a line-up that showcases a variety of Nebraska's better indie rock, punk and garage acts.

* The Faint will serve as guest curators for Film Streams 2012 Local Filmmakers Showcase. The showcase runs Friday, October 19 through Thursday, October 25th at the Ruth Sokoloff Theater, 1340 Mike Fahey St. The third annual event provides film makers from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota a chance to show their full-length work (90-150 minutes long) during the week.

* Youth Lagoon quick rise was easy to see last Friday at the Slowdown, 729 North 14th St., as the Idaho indie pop act brought a sizable crowd for their set on the venue's big stage. Led by Trevor Powers mix of delicately-delivered vocals and bare-bones piano lines, Youth Lagoon has garnered a following for its one short, eight song album. Powers is joined on stage by a guitarist and a host of effects pedals that allow him to trigger simple beats to play alongside his piano and synth playing. The crowd hung on the set, which relied on several songs that build slow to anthemic moments.

posted at 04:41 pm
on Tuesday, July 10th, 2012


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