Sh*t People Say About Sh*t People From Omaha Say

Untitled Is All She Can Say

Chelsie Hartness, writer and director of the recent video “Shit People from Omaha Say,” said the feedback from the locally-viral hit has been mostly positive, but said she has definitely received a few disapproving critiques. Chelsie said that these critiques have not been overlooked and have actually inspired her newest project, which is currently titled "Untitled." 
Chelsie explained the concept of her new endeavor while sitting in a coffee shop, painting a picture of a horse.
“The video ‘Shit People from Omaha Say’ was actually an interpretation of my late grandfather’s battle with Munchhausen syndrome. I wanted to portray a sense of post-impressionistic visual apathy that would translate cross-culturally. I was surprised when I read the comments about how the actors in the video are just a bunch of ‘hipsters.' I am not quite sure what this word means, or how it applies to my grandfather, so I have decided to dedicate the next five years of my life to researching its definition.”
Chelsie said her thesis will likely involve an exhibition upon the project’s completion, which she hopes will be showcased at Kaneko. A few of her features include life-size light installations, noodling (fishing with one’s hands) and taekwondo.

posted at 08:44 pm
on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


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