Readers’ Choice 2010 Best Orthodontist Office

Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O: Dr. Kort Igel

Dr. Kort Igel is a native of Omaha and a graduate of Creighton University School of Dentistry and the University of Nebraska Medical Center with a Master’s Degree and Certificate in Orthodontics. But enough about his credentials. Igel has been practicing in the Omaha and Papillion area for more than 20 years and his approach to patient care is simple: understand the needs of your patients. Each patient’s treatment needs are different so Igel ensures quality care by beginning with a complimentary consultation to determine an individualized corrective treatment plan. For Igel, it’s that simple. He believes each patient can, and should, have a beautiful smile. He feels fortunate because he is able to do what he loves. Achieving a beautiful, healthy smile today is fast and comfortable. Igel uses the latest bracket technology which tranlates to less chair time, reduced discomfort and fewer appointments. Igel provides clear braces yielding superior aesthetics. “I not only ensure state-of-the-art technology in my practice, but I also take the time to view this practice through the eyes of my patients to determine what they experience when choosing an orthodontist, how they feel when they come in for treatment and how I can make this ‘journey’ they embark on the best possible experience it can be,” Igel says. Igel also implemented a Customer Experience program. He learned patients wanted to feel welcome, understood and comfortable. He realized his patients were not there for braces, they were there to have a healthy smile. Now all decisions are made around those three feelings and the focus on healthy smiles. Igel believes education and positive encouragement is essential to a patient’s orthodontic success. Ensuring that patients understand that “clean teeth move faster”and “not breaking brackets finishes treatment faster” builds healthy relationships and promotes better compliance. This has proven to be more successful than telling a patient not to do this and not to do that. Changing the focus of the message created a sense of understanding, comfort, and cooperation. Igel completed his fourth Patient Experience survey last month and the results yielded an overall satisfaction score of 98 percent, defined as patients who rated service levels as a “4” or “5” on a five-point scale, so his methods are definitely working. Without a doubt the customer experience program accomplished what it set out to do — change the way patients experience the orthodontic journey at an emotional level. “It’s very inspiring that our patients voiced their appreciation for the experience they received we’re providing through this Best Orthodontist award for the third year in a row. I love what I do. Thank you,” Igel gushes.

posted at 10:36 pm
on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010


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