Readers’ Choice 2010 Best Car Wash

Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O: Russell Speeder’s

The waving, grinning, yellow-clad, yellow-haired lanky man in front of the four Omaha locations of Russell Speeder’s Car Wash may be fictional, but nevertheless make passersby smile in real life. And, according to Kris Moore, Site Manager of the 11212 Wright Circle location, this is their main goal — to make the customers happy. “We have a 150 percent guarantee to our customers,” says Moore, “if we can’t go above and beyond to meet their needs and make them happy, we will give you your money back plus 50 percent. We’re not just a quality wash, we want to make sure the customers leave here with a smile.” They’ve never had to do that, adds Moore, but the guarantee upholds their strict standards of honest-to-goodness customer service, as does their thorough hiring process. Indeed Russell Speeder’s has such detailed background searches, rigorous reference checks and heavy training processes that they have been compared to that of a government job. “We’re more people-focused than anything,” says Moore, “From associates to customers, we know where it’s at: it’s the people that make a difference.” Along with the smiling statue and friendly workers, the washes are also known for their plethora of friendly stuffed animals in and outside of the stores, as well as the animated happy-people robots in the tunnel that spray and dry your car. One might wonder, why go through all this trouble? Moore says all the pleasantries provide a welcoming connection for children, who can be intimidated or scared by the big loud machines. If the kids are comfortable, the parents will be too, alleges Moore, all totaling out to the enjoyable experience they strive for. Their method must work; founded in 1963 in Connecticut it opened its first location in Omaha six years ago; Russell Speeder’s expanded to Florida and Ohio, washing over 20 million cars since its beginnings. Of course, the swiftness must not be disregarded; they specialize in the “three-minute wash” using custom car wash equipment and the “best cleaners available.” Economic price points are also essential in these times and Russell Speeder’s takes this into account; car washes start at just $5.99 to $10.99 for quickies at the 15505 Spaulding Plaza, 11212 Wright Circle and 404 S. Saddle Creek Rd. locations; and upwards of $100 at the detailing location at 11818 W. Dodge Rd. Customer comments from like: “You’ve got my whole family coming and that includes five vehicles,” and “Unequivocally the best car wash facility I have ever experienced,” back up the business’ working philosophy, which Moore says is ongoing: “We are always looking for ways to improve ourselves for our customers and never settling for status quo.”

posted at 10:25 pm
on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010


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