Planet Power: Nov. 28 - Dec. 4, 2013

AUM… In our last 24 hours on the planet we are all mystics. At that time, it’s just a matter of whether you are a happy mystic or a sad mystic. If you have no vocabulary for the changes at that time, you will feel/be lost. If you have no mystical experience with which to relate — you will be swept along by the winds of (your) fate. Time to close your eyes to this world. It is time to meditate on your spiritual rebirth. Look for the Sagittarius New Moon around moonset on Moonday, and “see” what your dreams are worth. AUM…

SAGITTARIUS (11.21-12.20) It’s your world around moonset on Moonday night… Have you guessed what time that is, yet? It’s the “Fool Moon”/New Moon in Sagittarius, so the Sun and Moon are one. And for you, the fun’s just begun, ’cuz aren’t you the one who’s always said, “If it’s not fun, it’s not done”? The “flavor” of Moonday evening is vanilla (so wear white that night and shine like/through the Moon). Your lucky number is 2, and somebody (a Cancer or a friend of your mother’s?) ha$ $ome money for (or a crush on?) you. My intuition says that it’ll take ’til spring to bring either thing to fruition. Perhaps after your ruler Jupiter moves direct in March I(’d) expect…?
CAPRICORN (12.21-1.18) Next Woden’s day and Thor’s day (the 4th and 5th) you have a “meeting of/with the gods” sponsored by your mentors/elders and hosted by the Moon, in/on your behalf. The theme will be; where do you wanna be around the 1st of January? It’ll be a totally New Year! —For your year! Pluto’s going to show up then and there — twice — so be twice as nice. It’ll be time (Saturn) to roll the dice…
AQUARIUS (1.19-2.17) Hold on ’til the Full Moon in Gemini on December 17th. If you’ve learned — or have heard a calling — that you are a leader, then it’s time to lead. If you can’t/don’t/won’t see yourself in that role/position, then wait and follow whomsoever has proven their worthiness since mid-July, when your esoteric ruler, the planet Uranus, started retrograding in Aries.
PISCES (2.18-3.19) Jupiterians (your best color is royal blue): How’s your mom? With Jupiter retrograde in Cancer (the sign of universal motherhood) ’til March, you’re not done yet… You could always graduate to the color purple, become a Neptunian and venture/“see” beyond this/the veil of illusion/Maya…where there’s only one color and it fills you as it thrills you. 
ARIES (3.20-4.18)  Please read Aquarius and meditate for these next 2 weeks. One more week of workin’ down on the farm, and if you’ve done yourself no harm then get ready to take a look at your -self/art/work from another’s (a lover’s?) perspective. Nobody knows what they look like. Get ready and/to thank them for offering you their point of view.
TAURUS (4.19-5.19) Yeah! Sure! I believe it! But is it love, or money? Your first response is from your heart. Your second response is from your mind…as self-consciousness raises its ugly purple head once again! As you all know by now, I prefer the path of the heart. It’s slower, yes, but it has more meaning…and isn’t that what we are truly here for? Well, you are now, ’cuz now you know… This be the truth from MOJOPO.
GEMINI (5.20-6.19) The sign of the hands. One more week to get a better grip on your masturbation tendencies/complex, as your ruler Mercury leaves Scorpio and the enigmatic mysteries of life, death and all your alluring sexual histories. Ya know, back when I was still trying to fit in and studying psychology at 18, I figured that the whole “science” was an attempt to understand our animal (read “sexual,” signed —Freud) nature. At 38, when I left occidental psychology behind — I felt the same. Don’t worry. I won’t tell.
CANCER (6.20-7.21) Here comes the New Moon in Sagittarius (on the 2nd), with Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter retrograde in your sign. You’re going to feel it! You’re going to want/need to travel — or at least, think/talk about it! Sagittarius is nefarious and gregarious, can’t be held down, worships the truth, loves philosophy, is ruled by optimism and is therefore imbued/infused with luck…and above all else, is freedom oriented. Time to hop on a ride and giddy-up! 
LEO (7.22-8.21) Try to take Moonday off. Whatever you do, meditate on the setting Sun/Moon. It’s time to feel good. Your children, your art, your pleasure, your treasure — what have you given to this world and what have you received in return? What have you taught and what have you learned? Humility cannot be taught…only learned. Oh well, maybe next incarnation? How does the MOJO know? 
VIRGO (8.22-9.21) There’s a Leo in the neighborhood looking for a humility lesson. You’ll have to give it to ’em by example — since they never listen, anyway. How’s the affair going? If it’s going to come out, it’ll come out by early next week (with the loquacious Sagittarius New Moon). Wasn’t that the original problem/paradigm? I know; “It felt good!” How does the MOJO know?
LIBRA (9.22-10.21) Please read Taurus. Hey! Next week, I’ll have ’em read you…
SCORPIO (10.22-11.20) Money, money, money, money, money. The New Moon at sun-/moonset on Moonday is in your 2nd House. Meditate outside at dusk, and don’t come in ’til you’re full of your new idea/plan for money, money, money, money, money. (After you get the money, it becomes a test of/for your degree of moral turpitude. ’Til then, it’s just money…)

posted at 11:10 pm
on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013


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