Openings at Bemis Underground, Artists Coop and Bancroft St. Market

* Opening this Friday at the Bemis Underground is the brainchild of Omaha artist Tim Guthrie and performance artist Doug Hayko. Extraordinary Rendition includes the work of a dozen other artists (including me; I did some writing for the show) Look for work from Guthrie, Hayko, Jamie Burmeister, Peter Cales, Justin Kemerling, Landi Olsen, Nolan Tredway, Carol Zuegner and the omahaliveartdivision. The exhibition will divide the space into three rooms including a performance space where Hayko will perform during the opening, a surveillance room and a traditional gallery space where Guthrie will show a series of seven portraits on paper. The show aims to educate on extraordinary rendition — it’s used to describe the practice of secretly capturing suspected criminals or terrorists without the knowledge of anyone else, including the governments of the countries in which the individuals reside. The opening is Friday, Nov. 19, 6-9 p.m. Hayko and Guthrie will give a gallery talk in the space Saturday, Nov. 20, at noon. * Four women artists are showing new work at the Artists Cooperative Gallery, in the Old Market at 405 S. 11th St., through Nov. 28. Ceramicist Susan Sutherland Barnes, painter Joan Fetter, weaver Agneta Gaines and printmaker and painter Dona Golden have differing media and techniques, making for a diverse array of work. Barnes uses clay in non-traditional ways, and her hand built forms play with texture and color. Her new work includes ceramic bowls impressed with leave and lace. Fetter’s large-scale, abstract work plays with vibrant color and the work in this series is creatively embellished. Gaines’ woven wall hangings feature reeds, glass or ceramic pieces worked into the fiber and she collaborate with other artists to create these multi-faceted works. Finally, Golden’s nature-inspired new paintings find inspiration in animals and people rendered in multi-layered hues of watercolor. * Eighteen artists are part of the latest show at Bancroft Street Market. Opening Friday, Nov. 19, 7-11 p.m., all the work in the show focuses on the ideas of hope and spectacle. All of the work is video, and it’s all experimental: look for thought-provoking work that you won’t see elsewhere. Mixed Media is a column about art. Get local art updates at Send ideas to

posted at 08:39 pm
on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010


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