Cutting Room for May 10

  • On the cutting edge of a new genre we’ll call “Mom-rotica,” Fifty Shades of Grey is the bestseller that challenges adaptation. Oh, not because the story is too dense, but because an accurate depiction is basically porn. Enter Joe Wright, who has the credentials for directing an S&M movie after making Anna Karenina (painful) and Pride and Prejudice (has a conjunction in it). Clearly the move to court a high-profile name like this is an attempt to get some wayward actress to believe that what she’s doing is art and forget that it started as Twilight fan fiction (for real).
  • Adding Benicio Del Toro alongside Joaquin Pheonix in mega-brilliant director Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s Inherent Vice made sense. Getting star of You, Me and Dupree, Owen Wilson, makes a bit less sense. Then again, PTA was the one living human who pried a great performance out of the spectacular waste of evolution and DNA that is Adam Sandler (Punchdrunk Love). So he’s earned my trust.
  • Taking any chance to talk about “Game of Thrones” means telling you that Richard Madden, who plays the dour and pale “King of the North” Rob Stark in the HBO show, will be downgraded to prince in Disney’s live-action remake of Cinderella. So long as they don’t get the writers of “Game of Thrones” to pen the script, as my heart can’t take what Gus-Gus would do with that cat.
  • If we’re not in the 80s or 90s, trading a John Cusack for an Adam Scott is a deal I’d make. Sadly, the deal involves Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Cusack’s busy schedule of making direct-to-streaming-service movies won’t allow him to reprise the role of “what’s his name” from the original. So Scott is stepping in as the new lead, although as different character to preserve continuity. Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson  and Clark Duke are all back, so the box office should be fine, as the world can’t get enough of the Corddry, Robinson, Duke triad.

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posted at 11:37 pm
on Friday, May 10th, 2013


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