Cutting Room for July 18

I get disproportionately excited for horse racing. It’s either the latent degenerate gambler in me or I just like ponies. Either way, I’m excited for 50 to 1, which opens at the Majestic Cinema of Omaha on July 25. It follows the story of Mine That Bird, who was a Kentucky Derby champion (even if his name is grammatically maddening). The movie stars Skeet Ulrich, Christian Kane, William Devane and even the actual jockey who rode Mine That Bird, Calvin Borel. As someone who watched nearly all of the 17 hours of prerace coverage for the Derby this year, prior to the two minute actual event, I wouldn’t call the chances of me plopping down for this one a longshot.

The chances of me climbing a mountain in my lifetime are about the same as me adding “Two Broke Girls” to my DVR list, which is to say “nope.” And yet on Thursday, July 31 at 5:30 pm, I will see the sights of majestic summits at Aksarben Cinema. Together with Canfield’s Sporting Goods, the theater is bringing the Telluride Mountain Film Festival to town. Tickets are just $10, and all proceeds go to T.H.O.R. (Trails Have Our Respect), the local nonprofit who builds and maintains the trails in the Omaha metro! Check out their Web site for more details on how you can do the smart thing and have the mountains come to you.

That noise you heard was the collective Twitter folk, crying out at once. Their mission: Get Mark Ruffalo to do a Columbo movie. Both Ruffalo and original Columbo, Peter Falk, share the unique human quality that is “charmingly rumpled.” It’s a rare trait, and whether or not the internets can convince Hollywood to put the disheveled Ruffalo into the disheveled Falk’s old trenchcoat, it’s a damn good idea.

Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie (can’t imagine that childhood), directed the brilliant Moon a few years back. Since then, he’s been making a World of Warcraft movie that I will only see because of him. Now comes word his next film is one that gets me all twittterpated. He’s going to try his hand at Mute again. It’s a Blade Runner-esque sci-fi project set in Berlin. Hearing about Mute makes me want to shout with excitement! Do you see what I did there? 

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posted at 01:43 pm
on Friday, July 18th, 2014


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