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Today I’m sitting here with myself, author David Murphy, and I’ll be interviewing me about my new book, Zombies for Zombies: The Play and Werk Buk. Mr. Murphy, welcome. Thanks, but I think you can call me “Dave.” Fine then. Dave, tell me a little something about your latest book. I understand it’s a follow-up to your first effort, Zombies for Zombies: Advice and Etiquette for the Living Dead. Well, I’d describe it as more of a companion piece, really. You see, there was such a huge demand for some sort of sequel — I probably got a letter or two a month — that I figured hey, who am I to deny such fanatical requests. Anyway, where the first book gave you fashion, diet, exercise and social pointers for your recently bitten upcoming living-dead-lifestyle, the new book — or as I like to say “Buk” — offers you puzzles and games that you can do while you fend off the Transition. It’s like an issue of “Highlights” you can read in that creepy white waiting room between life and death. Sounds interesting. And you claim folks actually requested something like this? They most certainly did. And, the book has test marketed beautifully with many dead consumers. Huh. (Long pause as we look at each other.) Speaking of highlights, can you give us a few from the Buk? We’ve got new episodes of “The Recent Adventures of L’il Doofus and Diligent” and “The Dead Bear Family.” There are four new fiction pieces from the “Scarlet Storiez” line of fine reading products and a placemat coloring menu from Cap’n Ash’s Seafood Fortress. The list goes on and on — this sucker is packed with all sorts of good crap. But I tell ya what, Dave. Two little words sum up the sheer goofiness of this new buk. Wanna take a guess at what they are? Not really. What a killjoy. Those two words: zombie paperdolls. I don’t think “paperdolls” is one word, Dave. Fine! Then three little words sum up the nature of the buk. Man, you’re cranky. I’m soooo not doing another interview with you. Sorry. I was just trying to remind you that — Nevermind. Do you have any other questions? Where exactly can we get this new book? The “Buk” — ahem — is available at all local bookstores and at your favorite online retailers. Oh, and much of the Buk takes place in the Omaha area. Zombies and humans alike are sure to enjoy the challenging content and fabulous drawings. We’re outta time and line space. Thanks for joining me today. Don’t ever call me again.

posted at 07:43 pm
on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010


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