Best Personal Injury Lawyer 2012: Inserra and Kelley, Attorneys at Law

One thing that makes Inserra and Kelley stand out from other personal injury law firms is the way they handle injury claims. Clients deal with a legal specialist on every step of their claim process, from start to finish.

“We’re able to focus a lot more on the clients here,” said Craig Kelley, a partner in Inserra and Kelley.

When Kelley was a senior in law school at Creighton University, he decided he wanted to work on the plaintiff’s side of the law where he could represent injured people.

“I enjoy helping people through a traumatic time in life, whether it’s through injury to themselves or loved ones,” he said sincerely, “as they don’t know the best treatment to get them healed or how to deal with all of the damages they suffer after accidents.”

Kelley began researching the best plaintiff firms in Nebraska. After graduating in 1986, his research lead him to John Inserra, and his father, at Inserra Law Offices which later became Inserra and Kelley in 1992. Since then, Kelley has had the opportunity to represent thousands of injured people in Nebraska and Iowa.

Since the 1950’s, the firm has really prospered. They began by mainly specializing in the representation of railroad employees and then expanded to vehicle accidents and other catastrophic personal injury claims – most recently the firm entered into the realm of pharmaceutical drug injuries and defective medical devices with a national network of legal specialists on hand.

Not often do firms have a full staff with 10-20 years each of injury claim experience, but Inserra and Kelley has exactly that. Not only are they proud to have a hard-working staff, they are proud and honored to have been chosen for the Readers’ Choice Best of the Big O.

“It makes us proud that our former clients do such a great job in letting the people of Omaha know how happy they were with our representation of them,” said Kelley.

posted at 10:32 pm
on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


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