Best Apartments & Best Condo Living 2012: Midtown Crossing

Midtown Crossing's blend of upscale condominiums, apartments, and local retailers has created a vibrant community and cohesive lifestyle. Officially opening in May 2010, the 15.5 acre mixed-use development is touted as a community where people can do just about everything.

"The thing that sells our condos and the things that help us is the lifestyle here. The fact that we have Jazz on the Green, we have wonderful events in the park, the fact that we have a Wohlner’s Grocery Store, they're doing very, very well," said Molly Skold, marketing director, East Campus Realty, LLC -- a Mutual of Omaha subsidiary established specifically to develop, own and operate Midtown Crossing.

Apartments, like the condominiums in Midtown Crossing, are also trending positively. 

"For all intents and purposes we're at 100 percent full, and we've got a waiting list a mile long. So, we do have a waiting list for apartments. We've had a waiting list ever since we opened," said Skold.

"Our apartments are among the most expensive in town and that's true, but on the other hand ... You have 24 hour security, you have secured underground parking, you have amazing features, granite countertops, all these things," said Skold. "It is a little higher end, but there are enough young professionals who make enough money in town that can afford that and who want that little nicer area."

The community's safe, green, pedestrian lifestyle and the close proximity of local retail outlets make even owning a car optional. Residents working in the area may be able to use public transportation for work and the shuttle at the Element Hotel or catch a taxi to get to the airport.

The buzz about Midtown Crossing was further escalated earlier this year when Dr. Ernie Goss, an economist and university professor, was commissioned by East Campus Realty to assess the impact of Midtown Crossing on the local economy. According to their report, Midtown Crossing is a one-two punch of good news for the local market -- positive economic impact and it helps to keep young professionals in Nebraska.

posted at 06:03 pm
on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012


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