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Omaha Parents Unsure About Student Report Cards

“We’re just a bit befuddled by Omaha Public Schools (OPS) report card system,” advised Richard and Beverly Payne. “We just don’t know much about it at all. Numbers replaced letters. We’ve tried to read up on it. We finally just accepted it.”

Parents aren’t the only ones confused by OPS’ grading system. “I will be a senior next year,” says Aaron, a North High student. “They have changed the...

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Mary Morrissey - OPS School Board

Q: What is your background in education?
A: I taught school in Omaha Public Schools  (OPS) for 26 years and was an administrator in OPS for eight years.

Q: How did you get involved in school board?
A: I replaced a member who had served on the OPS School Board for 34 years and passed away.

Q: What have been the best decisions the school board has made in your tenure?
A: Retaining the...

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South By Southwest: The Ecstasy and the Agony

Old habits are hard to break. Five weeks into this column and I’m already back writing about music. It’s unavoidable. As you read this on Thursday or Friday, I’ll be on either Day Two or Day Three of my annual pilgrimage to the South by Southwest Festival in balmy Austin, Texas.

What is South by Southwest – or just SXSW? Well, it's the finest music festival of its kind, bringing together...

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Saturday in the Park

To the small group of people holding signs along an overpass over Dodge Street: What, dear friends, is the point?

Motorists will glance up and read their signs, and if they agree they'll honk and think to themselves, “Good for you.” And if they don’t agree, they’ll scowl and stare ahead, turn up their radio and do whatever they can to blot the messages from their minds. The really angry ones...

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A Cautionary Tale of Greed, Brought to You by The Oscars

I come to you two days after watching the annual Oscar telecast wondering how much longer this sort of thing will be around -- this movie industry. When will it be beaten to its knees just like the music industry has been, just like we’re seeing it happen to the book and publishing industry?

It will start with the death of the movie theater.

On the surface, the affordable, 50-inch...

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Every Child Has A Gift

The economic forecast for the Midwest, and Nebraska in particular, is sunny with a chance of profits. For many metro area teachers, this means more choices for a second job. For others it may provide an impetus to exit education altogether.

The money rebound hasn’t made its way into the pockets of local teachers. Last year, Nebraska’s Governor, Dave Heineman, signed a rob Peter to pay Pal law...

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Is Omaha Ready For Equal Opportunity

City Council member Ben Gray has some advice for people who plan to attend the March 6 public hearing for his equal opportunity ordinance.

"Pack a lunch … and have a couple snacks just in case," Gray said.

"You're going to see more people than you've seen down at that Council in a while."

During a Saturday breakfast at Village Inn with members of Voice Omaha, Citizens for Equal...

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Building Community Through History

If you have ever participated in a neighborhood cleanup, donated to save a historic building in your area, or traveled to a city just to enjoy its history, you are a member of a specific group. You may not even know it.

These are the acts of Local Preservationists.

According to research from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, there are now 15 million Local Preservationists in the...

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