The Arts Community Reveals its Secrets for Surviving the Economic Downturn

“We had a year plus where we were rebuilding before things went south so we really had all of our ducks in a row in terms of our internal structure and systems,” said Shannon Walenta, Managing Director of the Blue Barn Theatre.

Walenta said the theatre went through a financial crisis in 2007, just before the market bottomed out. After openly telling the community they were in trouble, the...

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Order Out of Chaos, Hope Out of Thin Air

Jannette Taylor has been spending a lot of time in the hospital lately at the bedside of a gunshot victim. For the Executive Director of Impact One, north Omaha’s non-profit devoted to gang intervention and prevention, hospitals, drive-by shootings and funeral arrangements have been part of the routine of creative challenges she faces almost every day for the past three years  deeply involved...

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Changing the Model

A scrappy university that has always fought above its weight class aims to make a big dent in the national economy with collaborative leadership.

“Sixty percent of those who start a course of education, sadly, do not complete it,” Bellevue University President Dr. Mary Hawkins told the Albany Times-Union earlier this year. She cited this as a major reason workers get left behind. “If we can...

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Style Over Substance

As we drove back from the Fashion Week finale Saturday night, I tried to sum up what we just saw, what we just experienced. And I knew it would not be easy.

There’s this problem with writing about any event involving Omaha “creatives.” Unless you’re overflowing with love, adoration and affection, literally stumbling over yourself with pride while you toss bouquets at the feet of all involved,...

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From Startups to Standouts

Ken Moreano, Executive Director of Scott Technology Center and President of Scott Data Center, said the biggest creative risk he ever took was creating his own technology startup company. 

The company was based in Austin, Texas and Moreano said he had a four and a half year run but, “got my head kicked in pretty well doing the startup. It was a very expensive tuition, but then I came here in...

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Embrace Your Creative Impulse

The staff at Omaha Creative Institute knows it takes two to make art sustainable, the artist to create it and the audience to appreciate it. OCI is all about art and creativity accessible to people that aren’t necessarily a part of the arts scene.

“My background is unorthodox for the job I have,” said Susan Thomas, executive director.

Born in small-town Decatur, Thomas traveled quite a bit...

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The Crime of the Modern Water User

When environmental activist Erin Brockovich was a little girl, her father told her that water would become more valuable than oil because there would be so little of it. In the documentary Last Call at the Oasis, Brockovich and an array of scientists present a compelling case that that day may be dawning now, and not just in developing countries where water scarcity and water-borne illnesses...

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The Debasing of Grandmother’s and Godfather’s

Ever since we bought a new house and started remodeling it, weekends are spent doing things like examining backsplash samples and checking out flooring options at Lumber Liquidators. Consumerism as creativity. Hunting and gathering.

Last weekend before heading to whatever wholesale lumber barn was on the list, we headed to lunch. Since we were south near the industrial fringes of Omaha, there...

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