Consumer Politics in the Facebook Era

Social media has breathed new life into the old concept of boycotts.

Case in point: I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed last weekend when I came across a post by someone urging his "friends" to follow him in boycotting Hy-Vee grocery stores. The reason: Hy-Vee (apparently) advertises on the the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

The comment was linked to an online petition at with this...

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Dancing About Architecture

Before we get started, a caveat: I’m not a huge fan of museums.

I know, what’s not to like about majestic limestone-carved capsules of history? How could you not want to spend hours studying the miracles and wonders of our great civilization’s past?

There’s just something about museums that bore the piss out of me.

Maybe it’s the static nature of it all, like staring at a bug encased...

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The Project, Pt. 2: Growing Up Brady

This is part two of a series that began in the Dec. 20 issue of The Reader. Read Pt. 1 here.

A quick scan of the internet showed that The Brady Bunch house had been on the market for more than a year. Once we finally got a look inside, we found out why.

The four-foot-wide solid oak door swung open to reveal a virtual lumber yard of blond wood paneling that stretched from the narrow,...

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From Juggernaut to Commission: 16 Days in February

The first four and half hours of the Revenue Committee hearing on February 6 on Legislative Bill 405, one of the Governor’s proposals to eliminate state income tax for a broader sales tax, seemed noisy and riddled with insider banter. From 1:30 to 6 p.m. senators, bureaucrats and the Governor talked to each other about the bill while the public and lobbyists waited to speak.

From time to...

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Standing in the Street Naked

“I would not want my neighbor who was mentally ill not to have the medication that he couldn’t afford,” Commissioner Marc Kraft said during a February 4 presentation by consultants Health Management Associates of Michigan on the operation and finances of the Douglas County Health Center. 

“I don’t know if he was eligible for Medicaid. But, he went to CMHC on a regular basis,” said Kraft...

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Oscar’s Dilemma: You Can’t See ‘em All

The annual Oscar telecast is Sunday night, and I have yet to see all the movies up for “Best Picture.” I bet you haven’t, either.

A few years ago, the Academy of Motion Picture Blah-blah-blah made an obvious money-grab move for the studios and upped the number of nominees for Best Picture from five to 9 or 10. It would be as if the NCAA increased the number of teams invited to its annual...

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The Next Mayor of Omaha

The mayoral election kicked into gear on Monday night with a forum featuring five candidates -- Mayor Jim Suttle, Dan Welch, Jean Stothert, Dave Nabity and Senator Brad Ashford. The group fielded questions for two hours from a packed room at the OOIC on North 24th Street. Moderated by founding members of Citizens for Fairness, Justice and Action Network -- Cheryl Weston, Willie Hamilton and...

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Dirty Dancing: Singer/Songwriter Taps into the Power of Porn

To say the video that feature’s Nebraska musician Eli Mardock’s song “The King of the Crickets” is NSFW (Not Safe for Work) would be an understatement.

Titled “Double the Pleasure,” the video opens with the sound of Mardock’s somber piano chords as two young women in bikinis -- Francesca and Caprice -- nuzzle on a cushioned wicker beach chair sipping cocktails. As they kiss, an MTV-styled...

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