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Mad Ave, an all-ages, drug and alcohol free venue opens in Lincoln next week. The club at 2800 N. 48th St. has a capacity of 200 and plans to host “live music of any genre, art showings, book/poetry readings, film premieres/showings, social events, dance parties and any other form of artistic media imaginable,” says Brock Stephens. He’s opening the venue with partners Matt Vicars, Cody...

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Country Funk

Dave Gonzalez’s current “country funk” project The Stone River Boys, returns to the Zoo Bar for a two-night stand, Thursday and Friday, Oct. 7-8, after 9 p.m. The Stone River Boys are fronted by guitarist Gonzalez, formerly of the Hacienda Brothers and The Paladins, and Austin’s Mike Barfield, formerly of The Hollisters. October 3rd marked the 60th anniversary of the birth of Chris...

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These Un-cynical Days

More with Guster’s Ryan Miller that didn’t fit into the feature story on page 32 — which you should read before you read this. We’ll wait for you …  You’re back? Good. I should point out I have some familiarity with Miller and Guster. I interviewed him in December 1999 in the band’s tour bus before a concert at the long lost Ranch Bowl. Miller was a whirling dervish, jumping...

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Sound Found

Local band Rock Paper Dynamite soldifies identity on new EP Rock Paper Dynamite has found a sound to call its own. Since forming in 2007, the band has been busy playing shows and figuring out just what works for them as a unit. Now Rock Paper Dynamite would like people to consider its new six-song EP Railroads representative of the sound the band wants to pursue. “These six songs are exactly...

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Better With Age

After two decades, Guster is going strong   One of the best things about listening to a just-released Guster album for the first time: The comfort in knowing you’re about to hear something that’s familiar, but at the same time, new and different. In other words, Guster never lets you down.  From the time the band formed in 1991 to when it released its first hit pop album on a major label...

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One Gallant

Adam Haworth Stephens steps out on Cliffs Adam Haworth Stephens’ windswept, gravelly croon has long been one of Two Gallants strengths. And while Gallants is “temporarily on hiatus” with “no plans to do anything right now,” Stephens used the downtime to craft the elegant solo record We Live on Cliffs. Released a couple of weeks back, the album has drawn mixed reviews with some finding...

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