Where To Now?

As 2010 starts to wind down a new crop of bands begins to rise up to carry on Omaha's reputation as one of the country's best music scenes. There are some of you who, upon reading the above statement, quietly, cynically, laughed and thought (with a wry smile in your subconscious minds), "Best music scenes in the country? Tim, really. We haven't heard that kind of talk in eight or nine years,...

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Dave Barger Benefit

Friends of guitarist Dave Barger will host a benefit this Sunday, Oct. 17, at New Lift Lounge to help the veteran Omaha musician. Among the popular musicians returning to assist Barger are California guitarist John Lawton, New Orleans sax man Joe Cabral Jr. and Boston bassist Ken Fallon. Barger has been the “go to” blues guitarist on the Omaha scene for over 20 years. In recent years he has...

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Rock of Ages

I’ve never bought the idea that age has anything to do with enjoying rock music, and I still don’t, but the question did come up last weekend. I waded into the crowd of suburban youth Friday night at The Waiting Room too late to see either of the opening bands, thanks to the Yankees. I considered skipping the show because it was already 11 p.m., but I was on the list and I figured ‘Why...

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Prophetic Rock

Chuck Prophet plays Sunday Roadhouse series, Thursday night at Waiting Room At 18 Chuck Prophet left his native Whittier, Calif. for San Francisco, where he almost immediately became a major part of cow-punk legends Green On Red. Prophet spent eight years with the band and in the process of touring and recording developed more than a few self-destructive tendencies (heavy drinking, crack...

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Lively Lisbon

Walkmen’s latest crackles with revived spark, thanks to new approach New York’s Walkmen are, according to the summation of guitarist Paul Maroon, much like a cranky old family grown accustomed to each other. The New York indie band isn’t going to change lineups or do any drastic changes. It’s the same five guys from the start or it’ll be nothing, Maroon says. Maroon has played with...

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Memphis Road Warriors

Lucero spreads gospel of the modern bar band Discovering a band several albums into its career gives you layers to peel back. That’s how it’s been for me with Lucero, after 2009’s excellent 1372 Overton Park. Since then, it’s been a trek into the songwriting of Ben Nichols and the seven other releases he’s issued under the Lucero name. Anchored by Nichols’ rough bar band howl,...

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