Better With Age

After two decades, Guster is going strong   One of the best things about listening to a just-released Guster album for the first time: The comfort in knowing you’re about to hear something that’s familiar, but at the same time, new and different. In other words, Guster never lets you down.  From the time the band formed in 1991 to when it released its first hit pop album on a major label...

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One Gallant

Adam Haworth Stephens steps out on Cliffs Adam Haworth Stephens’ windswept, gravelly croon has long been one of Two Gallants strengths. And while Gallants is “temporarily on hiatus” with “no plans to do anything right now,” Stephens used the downtime to craft the elegant solo record We Live on Cliffs. Released a couple of weeks back, the album has drawn mixed reviews with some finding...

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Back Beat

He’s technically going by Black Francis again these days, but you’ve also known him as Frank Black or even Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. By any name, he’ll always-and-forever be the absolute hottest chubby, bald man you’ve ever seen. He rocked your face off a few weeks back at the Orpheum with a little band called The Pixies, displaying the vital, vigorous, passionate delivery...

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Lively Fall Choices

It’s a big night for touring blues Thursday, Sept. 30, when the Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Band takes the stage at the Stir Concert Cove for a 7:30 p.m. show. See 8 Days or for more on this show with two of the genre’s leading artists. You can drop by The Lift for the 5:30 p.m. Brave Combo show Sept. 30 and show your Trucks-Tedeschi ticket for half off the $12 admission....

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Library of Love

Stuart McLamb’s bumpy road with The Love Language The Love Language was created out of chaos. Birthed from the ashes of failed relationships, incarceration and weekday benders, Stuart McLamb assembled his first record under the moniker primarily by himself. The self-titled debut was released by Portland’s independent label Bladen County in 2009. McLamb insists those songs were never...

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Lincoln Calling, Pt. 7

I simply could have listed the bands that are playing at this year’s Lincoln Calling Festival, along with their time slots, and been done with it. What else do you need to get your asses to Lincoln this weekend? Instead, I’m telling you to use that magic box on your desk and go to, a website that lists all the particulars in a well-organized, well-designed online...

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