Tick Rock

Deer Tick finds greater dose of rock ‘n’ roll The latest Deer Tick album, Black Dirt Sessions, is a rising tide of sonic despair that ends with singer John McCauley howling for redemption on garment-rending lament “Christ Jesus.” When the echo of the last pounded piano chord floats away, it’s hard not to feel like McCauley may be the saddest bastard you’ve ever come across, but...

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Class Act

Jeff Daniels kicks off Holland’s 1200 Club season You know Jeff Daniels. You know him as the goofy sidekick in Dumb and Dumber, as the neglectful dad in The Squid and The Whale, as the villain in Clint Eastwood’s Blood Work or maybe as the star of Woody Allen’s critically acclaimed The Purple Rose of Cairo. What you might not know, however, is that Daniels is also a more-than-competent...

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Costume Beat

In the ’80s it was in vogue to spray on scads of punky pink hair dye and dress as a generic rock star for Halloween. Although we may have all been internally channeling Jem, the non-specific rocker look stood on its own. But what specific music-makers — besides the “truly outrageous” one — are good costume fodder? You could drop your pants and go gaga, as in Lady Gaga. Stop by...

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Firebird is the Word

Spicy clarinet joins Omaha Symphony for ‘The Firebird’ Ricardo Morales grew up in Puerto Rico, in what can only be described as a musical family. Morales is now a world-renowned clarinet player, and his five siblings are accomplished musicians, but the feisty, bubbly Morales didn’t always know things would turn out this way. “I thought I would play bongos in a salsa band or...

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Back Beat

Omaha Performing Arts’ 1200 Club at the Holland Center returns Nov. 3 with singer-songwriter/storyteller Jeff Daniels. In 2007 Daniels was the first performer to grace the stage at the cozy, intimate series, where he played to a sold-out crowd in the Suzanne and Walter Scott Recital Hall. I interviewed Daniels ahead of that performance and he remains among the most sincere, genuine artists...

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Where To Now?

As 2010 starts to wind down a new crop of bands begins to rise up to carry on Omaha's reputation as one of the country's best music scenes. There are some of you who, upon reading the above statement, quietly, cynically, laughed and thought (with a wry smile in your subconscious minds), "Best music scenes in the country? Tim, really. We haven't heard that kind of talk in eight or nine years,...

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