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Joy. A quintet exploration.


Ten Questions with WALKER LUKENS


Harmonious connections.


Parachute is Love


The Hottman Sisters keep the music going


A noted vocalist hones in on home


Composers’ words and music communicate with us all


Ten Questions with WOLF ALICE


Gershwin for winds.


Ten Questions with ROBBIE FULKS


0006789763 10 Ten Questions with Wild Powwers

I get a lot of requests from bands coming through town to do interviews for The Reader. No surprise there. How else are they — unknown quantities traveling through a maze-like network of faceless towns— going to get people to come to their shows? Any buzz — no matter how little — is better than no buzz.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to interview all these bands. Still, I want to be helpful, which is why I came...

Jk trio 3-24-13 smaller45kb Roots Royalty

March brings the long-overdue return of Dave Alvin to local stages, joined by big brother and fellow Blasters founder Phil Alvin along with The Guilty Ones, Dave's electric band. Dave and Phil Alvin and The Guilty Ones play Sunday Roadhouse at The Waiting Room Wednesday, March 2, 7:30 p.m., and Lincoln's Zoo Bar Thursday, March 3, 6-9 p.m. Advance tickets for both shows have been on sale for a while. Check ...

High-up-m34n-str33t High Up & M34n Str33t

A showcase of artistic styles, the Waiting Room hosts a night filled with indie soul, homegrown hip-hop, and a touch of the trippy. Fink sisters roll out once again with a moody sound that travels the peaks and valleys of modern music, while Conchance and his alphanumeric namesake M34n Str33t will bring the beats. Lineman’s Rodeo start the night by turning the reverb up to 11 and letting the strings fly where they...

Matt whipkey2 Matt Whipkey

A couple of albums ago, the intrepid Matt Whipkey released a pink vinyl album dedicated to the memories surrounding Omaha’s Peony Park. It was a passion project that blossomed from a few new song ideas to a full blown tribute to a piece of Omaha history. In this special performance at the Holland Center Whipkey and his band takes the stage to perform his album Penny Park in its entirety. Kicking off this energetic...

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