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See Through Dresses

New split EP and tour – Show at the Waiting Room

See Through Dresses are releasing an EP titled “End of Days” and have a show this weekend at the Waiting Room Lounge with Dan Mariska, The Boys Choir, and Bed Rest. The EP will be available in multiple formats including vinyl and cassette for all you alternative audiophiles. It’s also a split with label mates It Looks Sad. Recently, Sarah, Matt,...

12011136 10102568806553041 8241800164772071543 n 2015 Top Bands - Wayne’s Picks

On stands now, the Reader's Music issue has, like every year, a list of notable bands compiled from the music writers. The following is my contribution of bands who I feel need to be recognized. The top 20 list showcases bands we felt had an impact on the music scene based on performances, recordings, tours, etc. Tim McMahan put his up and was wondering where mine was, so here it is folks. Enjoy.

Matt Whipkey


Highup072515 2015 Music Issue: Tim’s Top Bands

As we do every year in our Music Issue, below is The Reader's list of top bands in the area as chosen by the publication's music writers. We did things a bit different this year, allowing writers to list all bands they felt had the biggest impact over the past year based on recordings and live performances without limiting them to a specific number -- i.e., they were allowed to list all the bands and not just the...

Cedric-burnside-promo-photo-by marc pagani photography The 21st Saloon

Before you read the words “The Blues” and turn the page, check out what Scott Kirk wants to tell you.

“I have been saying for years now that the music world is starving for a change,” Kirk, owner of The 21st Saloon, says. “This is where I believe that the blues has never gotten the credit it deserves. People have a misconception of the blues. It's not what I thought it was. It's all genres mixed into one. All music...

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