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20 Music Visions for 2015

Imagine, if you will, the uncanny ability to see into the future, to know what's going to happen before it happens. It's an awesome talent that comes with great responsibility, kind of like being Spider-Man. But before we gaze into my crystal Fender Squire (it's cheap, but it works), let's score last year's predictions for 2014: 

2014 Prediction: Look for MTV to emerge as a primary launching pad for premiering new...

Cool Yule, New Street Style

This is it, you are holding the final issue of The Reader as a weekly print publication. In early January, you will find the new monthly Reader on the street. And you will find the weekly Hoodoo content you are familiar with here online only, so visit thereader.com and bookmark the Hoodoo page. Look for expanded Hoodoo coverage in the new monthly publication too.

Blue Christmas
Kris Lager Band
gigs at The Waiting...

Music Year in Review 2014: Survival

The one word that comes to mind when looking back at the past year in music: Survival. 

Or, more accurately, the question: How will musicians survive? It finally started to dawn on people about halfway through the year that Spotify is really f***ing things up.

I don't know how independent musicians are going to make money in the future. Income from album sales appears to be drying up, for everyone. It's even...

Changes, Bel Airs, KLB & More

If you missed the letter from editor/publisher John Heaston in the Thanksgiving issue or the weekly updates that have appeared since then, The Reader is going monthly beginning in January 2015. You can read John's announcement here. Hoodoo’s event-oriented content will move to online only. There will continue to be a Hoodoo presence in the new monthly Reader. Each issue will be organized around thematic content...

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