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Satchel Grande


Brass dreams and dances.


Shemekia Copeland


Shiny Recognition


Young soloists bring new life to beloved classics.


OEAAs, Theater, Friday Happenings


Music Visions for 2016


Much musical joy resounds at the start of the New Year


HOODOO Year In Review


Don’t Hibernate


Nathaniel rateliff the night sweats Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats cannot be pinned down to one genre. Folk-based indie, rock, blues, soul, R&B and gospel are what some have tried to define as this band’s genre. Sure, all of these are similar in sound, but Rateliff and his team are not a musical force to be compared against. If you are a listener of KIWR 89.7 The River you may have heard the band’s lead single, on their latest self-titled...

Jondee Giving Joy

December marks the annual effort by Omaha roots musician Lash LaRue to bring toys and holiday cheer to the children and families on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Conditions on the reservation are harsh, with one of the worst rates of poverty in the U.S., high drop-out and teen suicide rates. People face a variety of health issues including increased rates of diabetes and cancers. Since 2003 the Toy Drive for Pine...

Eko nova Fresh and steady beats

The pulses of percussion can reach into your heartbeat and, further, into your toes. Argentine-born Brit Alejandro Vinao hopes to reach you there, with, he says, “a desire to move, to dance or to foot-tap” in his 2011 two-marimba composition "Book of Grooves" You may have to restrain yourself; you’re at a concert. It features the arx duo, percussionists, pulsing here for just one visit on November 30th. This is the...

Jim suhler by suzanne swanson Thanksgiving Music & Monkeying Around with Jim

So, Thanksgiving weekend brings a wealth of opportunities for most of us, including family or at least friends and loved ones to gather with, music to go and enjoy, it's often a time for reflection and hopefully some simple joys.

Roots music, and particularly blues, is both celebratory and healing. If you want music to be part of your holiday weekend, here are some options.

Matt Cox hosts his 6th annual food drive...

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