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Tara Vaughan


Rowdy boys dance and sing their way into glory


Not Enough Bite


Tomorrow, the road


Fun With Catholics and Communism


Ryan’s List Sucks

Dining Section

Nick Bartholomew: A Study in Taking it (Over) Easy


A black servant in a 1960s whites’ basement sings of rising hope


Less to Love but More Loved


Cutting Room for February


It’s not all “Cute and Creepy”

Known for his “cute and creepy” artistry, Gunnar Gaylord has really created and developed his own unique style.

While the self-taught artist said he sometimes regrets not having a formal art education, he’s not sure he would have developed in the same way if he had artistic academic knowledge.

“Passion can trump talent and education and I have often been very passionate about art,” he said in an email interview.


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Amy j

From Tucson to Iowa

While admittedly new to the tattoo industry, Amy Jiao makes up for her lack of experience with pure talent. With some enthusiasm thrown in for good measure.

Currently at Inkblot Studio in Ames, Iowa, the Rochester Institute of Technology graduate started her career with her mentor, Johnny Jinx, at Broken Clover Tattoo in Tucson, AZ. in 2012.

The 26-year-old came to the U.S. when she was 11 and grew up in Troy,...

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Lenny 2

Loving Living in the Midwest:

Cleaning up after an early morning session, Renken is constantly moving as he talks about his last 14 years in the tattoo industry.

Born in Holdrege, Neb., Renken started his apprenticeship right where he is now, at Big Brain here in Omaha, where he worked under one of his biggest influences, the talented Chris Blinston.

Renken said he started out doing largely new-school, heavy color saturation work but he said...

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Bright Future

Thinking about installing solar panels on your home? There are some key questions you need to ask yourself first including: What is the current cost of your electric bill? How much electricity are you using on a daily basis? How much solar energy do you need to generate to offset that usage?

The number and placement of solar panels on your home will depend on the size of your house, the kind of surface area you...

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Climbingiishawn ballarin

Shawn Ballarin

Shawn Ballarin is a multimedia artist living in Lincoln. After receiving his BFA from the University of Nebraska, he attended graduate school at Illinois State University. Ballarin can be defined as a multimedia artist because his works stems from painting, printmaking, video and bookmaking. This specific exhibit, Horizons and Patterns, features paintings with the theme of traveling, isolation and change through...

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