L A T E S T   M U S I C

Jim Suhler, Walter Trout

Texas blues-rock guitarist Jim Suhler returns to the metro this week with his band Monkey Beat. Suhler is out touring in support of his mid-February release, Panther Burn (Underworld Records). It’s a fine recording that showcases Suhler’s thoughtful approach to the music.  He’s a great blues guitarist, but he doesn’t overplay it. The CD is full of deep grooves, with plenty of Suhler’s stomping, wickedly fine...

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L A T E S T   F I L M

Marvel Blockbusts a Cap

With fight choreography pickpocketed from Baryshnikov and more leaping and bounding than Pooh’s friend Tigger on cocaine, Captain America (Chris Evans) makes beating the crap out of bad guys look downright pretty. Give directors Joe and Anthony Russo credit; bucking the law of diminishing returns, the brothers found a way to make the umpteenth superhero movie to be released in the last five minutes thrilling and...

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L A T E S T   A R T S

In Praise of Metro Public Art, Vol. 1

The Metro’s major force in area public art funding and support, the Iowa West Foundation, has commissioned the estimable American artist Mark di Suvero to create a sculpture for Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park to add to Council Bluffs' impressive collection of such.

 Di Suvero’s international reputation is based upon his massive steel sculptures that challenge viewer expectations in a style of abstract...

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L A T E S T   C U L T U R E

Austin Anderson doesn’t like Piers Morgan

Beside's doing a one minute set of stand-up after a dancing lizard on "America's Got Talent," being betrayed by the judges, tearing off his shirt and challenging Piers Morgan to a fight, Austin Anderson has been featured on the hit Comedy Central show "Workaholics." He also was just featured on Comedy Central's new show "Adam DeVine's House Party" and starred in the independent feature film, Trunk'd alongside Dan...

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