CFLs: Stopping at the “Green” Lights

Usually Heartland Healing relishes sharing information and ideas with its readers. This week there was a touch of reluctance. More on that later. You can get lit but you can’t get a light. Try to buy a 100-watt light bulb in California. Go on, I dare ya. You won’t find one because they became illegal in January of this year. Up and down the Golden State, you can buy dope at your local medicinal marijuana clinic but you can’t buy a 100-watter at Home Depot. Minus the weed clinics, it’ll be the same in Nebraska next year. Within two years, nearly all of the type of electric bulb that has served us well for the past century-plus will be out…

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Gates’ Way: Computer nerd touts GMOs, vaccines and techno-mosquitoes

Ordinarily, it’s considered the piety of noblesse oblige when the wealthy earmark billions for a charitable cause. In the case of techno-maven Bill Gates, the world might be better off if he kept his money in his pocket. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ranks with Bob Geldof and Bono for image-polishing acts of charity deemed to help end sickness, world hunger and global grief. Of private foundations, BMGF is the world’s largest. Few realize, however, that much of BMGF funding is dedicated to increasing the worldwide reach and power of mega-corporations like Monsanto, and that millions are spent on secret (or just plain stupid) plots to use questionable technology to control nature and populations. The BMGF backs genetic manipulation…

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Fash Flood

GLOBAL FASH Spring and fall, spring and fall. As it hardly seems possible that the majority of fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear fashion has passed with Paris Fashion Week closing this week, a few notable fashion events remain. Los Angeles’ ever-improving Fashion Week is set to begin March 15 and fashion’s wild card, Tokyo Fashion Week, is opening March 18. As Milan’s Fashion Week came to a close, John Galliano, head of French fashion house Dior was suspended from his position pending investigation of an incident that occurred on February 25. Indeed, the fashion world was besieged by allegations against Galliano including anti-Semitic remarks and assault. NATIONAL FASH Buy your plane tickets now. This year’s must-see fashion exhibit, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty

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Cosmic Forecast, March 3-9

Happy New Moon in Pisces. One more month of this season of introspection and survival. Still plenty of room/time to dream. Use it. Somewhere, somehow, some kind of war is about to raise its ugly, purple head. One month from now, on April 3rd, the Sun, the Moon, Mars (the planet of war), Jupiter (Bigness), the planet Uranus (the planet of the unexpected) and a retrograding Mercury (to help confuse the issues) are all in Aries — and all in opposition to Saturn in the sign of harmony, Libra. Meanwhile, back at the farm … peace and love shall conquer all. There are no mistakes… PISCES (2.20-3.20) Now, you can start — in your mind. You’ve got…

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Urban Meyer and Jim Delany spell big things for B’nai B’rith

* It’s still early in 2011 but I’m ready to call the 57th Annual B’nai B’rith Charity Sports Banquet the biggest non-game sporting event of the year. Sure there’s the first College World Series downtown and hopefully some good things still to come from UNO hockey, but as far as speakers go the B’nai B’rith organizers know what gets this city moving — college football. Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany and former Florida coach Urban Meyer will serve as co-headliners. By the time May rolls around there may not be a bigger man of the moment in the state than Delany. As the guy who plucked Nebraska from the expanding power of Texas and the assumed collapse of the Big…

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NU men feeling bubble-licious

*Beat Texas. A rallying cry for most of 2010, the words became pathetic after a disastrous Texas football team beat what we thought was a very good Nebraska squad in Lincoln in October. If you knew where to look, the No Frills on Saddle Creek for instance, you could still find some of those “Beat Texas” T-shirts available for around $2.99, a three-dollar reminder of failure and farewell to the Big 12 Conference. How many Huskers fans would’ve thought they’d come in handy during basketball season? After beating No. 3 Texas 70-67 on Saturday — easily the biggest win of Doc Sadler’s career in Lincoln — Nebraska is suddenly a part of NCAA Tournament talk. As of Sunday, had…

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Mortal Combat: If You Eat Food, Read This

You’re being held hostage and likely don’t know it. Two entities are locked in mortal combat with everyone on the planet caught in the middle. On one side is the overwhelming power and bloated might of Corporate Greed. On the other side are those who could literally be known as Food Freedom Fighters. The battlefield is your kitchen table or, more accurately, your body. Thomas Jefferson once said: “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” What you put in your body, what you nourish yourself with, is being increasingly scrutinized and regulated by…

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Attention to detail

If not for Sam Burtch, the most dramatic play of this Nebraska football season might never have happened.

If not for Burtch, Ron Kellogg III...

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Sack leader

As David Santos remembers it, Connor Cook was rolling out and he was pursuing the Michigan State quarterback when Nebraska teammate Randy Gregory...

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Accepting the challenge

Michigan State is next up for the Nebraska football team.

And the task is daunting.

The Spartans are a “tough team,” said Tommy Armstrong Jr.

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Planet Power: Nov. 21 - 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s be nice to each other and cultivate warm thoughts. You are what you think…


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Planet Power: Nov. 14 - 20, 2013

This issue marks my 17th year here at The “READER.” Thanks to John, Eric, my beloved Carrie, et al., for all your help, encouragement and...

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Planet Power: November 7 - 13, 2013

The new Aquarian-Age astrology is/will be ruled by the planet Uranus (yeah, I’ve heard that joke before). Traditional astrology, prior to the...

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Planet Power: Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2013

Happy Halloween! Let your subconscious desires flow as the twilight fades into the black of the night of the year. Don’t fear the night. You have...

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Turn Out the Lights, or the Party’s Over

Lists are popular this time of year. Let’s persist. One thing prompted consideration of the types of pollution we endure as we traipse through our...

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What’s in Store for Two-Oh-One-Four

Glow, little glowworm. Ft. Calhoun nuclear reactor turned 40 in August of 2013. Plagued by a plethora of dangerous malfunctions, it looked like it...

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Wha’ Happened!?


That was it? That was 2013? Whew! Well, let’s hope hindsight, being 20/20, converts to foresight with similar acuity in 2014. Find links to all...

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Thanks and No Thanks

“Gratitude is an attitude,” the aphorism goes and there is a lot to recommend a cheery outlook on life. Evidence predicts that a positive attitude...

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