Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 19-Apr. 25

Happy Taurus, of “chorus”! Taurus analogously rules the throat. Read Taurus and Cancer, below, so you’ll know my little joke. Hell’s bells, read ’em all — ’cuz that’s all the MOJO wrote.

b TAURUS (4.21-5.20)  Boy, are you in luck! We’ll have to stay up late Friday night/Saturday morning, ’til 2:18 a.m., to catch the New “Cazimi” Moon in Taurus. Meditate/initiate for half an hour before and after — from 1:48 ’til 2:48 a.m. It is said to be very beneficial to start something important, and there’s only one way for us to check this theory out, right? Plant a seed from your dreams that fructifies on Mother’s Day, May 13th. Now, read…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 12-Apr. 18

We are in the last full week of Aries. The doors to this spring are finally opening. Kick it hard, and then meditate on what to do and how to channel your blazing fire of possibilities during this coming year. How’s the garden (of your mind)? Charge LARGE and (let other people) pick up the pieces later… Initiate before it’s too late. Make it happen. All systems go!

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Time to kick it into gear! You get a clue about what to do for these next 6/7 years on the afternoon of the 18th. Your meditation relates to reworking and/or finalizing what you tried to initiate around the Full Moon in Leo on…

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Cosmic Forecast, Apr. 5-Apr. 11

Happy spring and Easter, everybody! Happy Full Moon in Libra on Friday, the 6th, at 2:19 in the afternoon. It’s spring! Time to fall in love. Let Venus come between us. Please read Cancer for the answer…and remember; if I (can) love you all, then who am I? And if you can love me, then who are you?

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Almost time! But they still won’t/don’t, can’t/shan’t listen to you for 2 more weeks (isn’t it hard being a “genius”?), and even you can’t accomplish without communication. But you can plan… Prepare to whip it out and give it form when the Moon and Mercury conjunct in the early degrees of Aries on April…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 29-Apr. 4

It’s the Year of the Dragon! Dragons know what they want — and then they get it! Wait ’til the morning of April 4th (when Mercury moves direct), test your wings, and ROAR! Then, get what you want during this coming year. Our European-based culture fights and slays our dragons, which represent the uncontrollably powerful forces of nature. The Oriental, African and Mayan cultures try to placate and/or trick dragons; usually through baiting them with their fabled love of riddles. Which reminds me: Why did the dragon cross the road? To get to the other side before the end of the Mayan Calendar…? We’ll see, won’t we…

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  Wait like you’ve never waited…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 22-Mar. 28

Hang loose. This is a questioning phase, not a time of — or for — manifesting. We are all going to be offered an opportunity to play the April Fool during this coming week. Stay cool and stay “asleep” for this one more week, ’til once again we speak. Hang loose…

a ARIES (3.21-4.20)  You’ll be offered the perfect opportunity to play the April Fool. Wait ’til after Wednesday, April 4th, to participate and/or initiate. Spring is officially here, but its message remains unclear until Mercury (communications) moves direct. Expect an unexpected preview, initiating these next 6 years, as the Sun conjuncts the planet of the unusual, the unexpected and the bizarre (Uranus), and casts…

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Cosmic Forecast, Mar. 15-Mar. 21

Just enjoy your life on this precious little planet. Breathe deep through this next season. You don’t need a reason; as reason will/can not serve you at this time. Keep your sense of humor and have a little more wine. What the hell… Don’t waste your time answering questions that time will tell. Peace and love shall conquer all. There are “know” mistakes. (That spelling was on purpose. I only look/act like a stupid hippie [with a tremendous sense of humor].)

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  First steps are the hardest. Where do you want to be in 13 years? (Did Zager and Evans know something? [Hey Mark, did they know it even when they were back…

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Cosmic Forecast, Feb. 23-Feb. 29

Neptune, the mystical ruler of Pisces, rules mysticism, inspiration, that which can’t be defined, illusion, confusion, delusion, the color purple, the number 9, and the “doorway” to/through the next level. If you can define it, it’s not Neptune. Last week was all about Neptune. Confused yet? Let’s take a mystical peak at this week. There are no mistakes. Peace and love shall conquer all.

l PISCES (2.20-3.20)  Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to think. You don’t have to! It’s your season; you don’t need a reason. It’s your season of dreams on the sea of tranquility. Mystics rule. Get holy. Do your yoga — whatever that means to you. Drink deep from the ocean…

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