Cosmic Forecast for Jan. 19-26

Welcome into Aquarius, the sign of the unexpected, unusual and bizarre. To 90 percent of humanity the season of winter is just one loooong boooring Capricoooorn that lasts until spring. Ten percent of humanity responds to the Uranian vibration and half of them (will) mess it up. Otherwise the other 90 percent would jump on board — ’cause the unusual, eccentric and bizarre is soooo much mooore fun! AQUARIUS (1.21-2.19) Expect everything to light up celestially. Jupiter and your esoteric ruler, the planet Uranus, are conjunct all of 2011. Now in the final degrees of Pisces (the Dreamer) and finishing 2011 retrograding back to 0 degrees Aries (the Initiator) by next New Year’s, so you can start…

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Cosmic Forecast for Jan. 13-19

Last week of Capricorn … stasis will be the matrix for the unexpected, unusual and bizarre — ruled by the planet Uranus, the esoteric ruler of our next sign in line, Aquarius. The Full Moon will be in the last degree of Cancer, next Wednesday, Jan. 19, at 3:21 p.m., on the last day of Capricorn. To 90 percent (base 10s) Winter is just one looong booooring Capricoooorn. After this week let’s transcend onto base 11 (Aquarius) to get to Heaven. Heavy Spiritual changes ahead. See you next week when once again we speak. Until then, check out your year ahead at CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20) You’ve got two weeks to get it together to handle any weather, whether…

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Heaven Sent

I’ve got a few bon mots to jumpstart your entrée into 2011. Hope you enjoy … There are seven steps to Heaven, and they’re probably the Seven Deadly Sins transcended. Here’s the list, along with suggestions for their resolution. PRIDE: Give up foolish pride. LUST: Doesn’t it depend on what you lust for? GLUTTONY: Look at yourself naked in a mirror. ENVY: Be happy with what you’ve got. COVETOUSNESS: You don’t even own your own body, so there is no real owning when everything is on loan, right? SLOTH: Quit being so lazy … WRATH: … Or I’ll kill ya! In an ecological world, the only sin is waste — waste of an opportunity or a resource. Happy Chinese New…

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Cosmic Forecast for Dec. 30-Jan. 5

Happy New Year’s everyone! Thanks for another year of PLANET POWER. I promise my CD, The ZODIAC, will be released in 2011 through my Website one sign at a time, and next week I’ll prepare my year ahead article for your amusement and perusal in The Reader’s Jan. 6 issue. When people party, I work. When people work, I party. I like it like that. Always have, always will. Thanks for the thrill. I love you all. See you next year, from the best dressed barefoot man you know, the Golden (Silver?) Troll of Rock ‘n’ Roll, MOJO PO(PE) — the High Holy Guru of Omaha Rock ‘n’ Roll Vou Dou. — j CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20) How was…

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Cosmic Forecast for Dec. 23-29

Merry Christmas everybody, from one of Santa’s many helpers. I’d like to kiss each and every one of you (That’s how rumors start?) under the Psychic Mistletoe and see how far we can go? See ya soon for the next New Moon Solar eclipse Jan. 4, in Capricorn. Peace and Love Shall Conquer All. There are no mistakes. — CAPRICORN (12.22-1.20) December Capricorns: Wow! Happy BIRTHDAY! Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde conjunct the Hunab Ku conjunct the Dragon’s Head — the North Node of this lifetime’s karma, in the sign ruled by Karma (Saturn). What kind of world do you see for yourself this lifetime? For Jan. 1-9 births: Wear red to get ahead and benefit from the…

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Cosmic Forecast for Dec. 16-22

This be the last week of Sagittarius the Archer, and the end of Fall for us all. Sagittarius is the ninth sign, ruling travel, philosophy, gambling, the wild life, generosity, feasting, fun, luck, the joys of running and athletics, the thighs, higher education, publishing, the musical key of A flat and compositions. Before Sagittarius is over I’d like to invite you to check out some of my Astromusical compositions this Saturday (Inshallah), from my soon-to-be-released CD (one sign at a time), The ZODIAC, via my website. I hope to play a few tunes from it at the Jazzwholes reunion at Slowdown this Saturday, Dec. 18. We’ll see, hopefully? Remember Mercury is retrograde until Dec. 30, and will conjunct the Full…

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Cosmic Forecast for Dec. 2-8

The New Moon in gregarious Sagittarius will really light up the seasonal festivities. There are three Fire signs in the Zodiac. The first, Aries represents the fiery Solar/Martian victory over Winter’s cold. Leo represents basking in Summertime’s afternoon glow. And the “fire” of Sagittarius represents the warmth of human contact and gathering together to survive our coldest season — as if we needed a reason. Let’s get cozy as our cheeks turn rosy? Use this week to create a happy end to Fall, you all. Peace and Love Shall Conquer All. There are no mistakes. — SAGITTARIUS (11.23-12.21) Keep your third eye on the first, brightest “star” in the sky. That’s Jupiter, your ruler, high in the…

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