New BLK, Aeolian Ride

The guys behind New BLK are men of their word. In a story I wrote before their first show, the organization’s founding members talked about the importance of starting a monthly Omaha First Friday. It’s something any local art-goer will tell you the community wants. Lo and behold, a few weeks later Facebook users found themselves invited to a new Omaha First Friday Facebook page and could search out a website, The Facebook page asks users to contribute art openings, and the guys at the New BLK are working to get in touch with galleries and form something cohesive. Find the page at facebook/omahafirstfriday. Get involved. And to the New BLK: Bravo! I usually get my exercise strolling through galleries and the Old Market (and during my less chic weekly runs) but the Aeolian Ride is the first athletic event I’ve been invited to where performance art is the overwhelming focus. Omaha artist Adam Findley and his cousin, Jessica Findley, bring the ride to Omaha Saturday, Oct. 30. Jessica Findley made 52 costumes that inflate when worn while riding a bicycle (see photo; you get the idea). The Findleys are asking people to show up at a location to be announced with a bicycle and helmet, and then the riders “inflate the streets.” Riders arrive at 11 a.m., depart at noon, and will rove downtown Omaha for about an hour and a half. The ride is free, and will be Jessica Findley’s 15th ride since she started the project six years ago. It’s been to 13 other cities but this marks the first in Findley’s hometown. For more information or to sign up for the ride, visit Mixed Media is a column about art. Get local art updates at Send ideas to

posted at 12:42 pm
on Saturday, November 06th, 2010


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