Laura Meyer w/ Jessica Errett and Tara Vaughan - Oct. 11, Barley St. Tavern

Oct. 11
Laura Meyer w/ Jessica Errett and Tara Vaughan
Barley Street Tavern, 2735 N. 62nd St.
9 p.m., $5,

This Friday, the Benson’s favorite dive bar will be hijacked by a talented trio of female performers. Two of the lovely ladies, Jessica Errett and Tara Vaughan, call Omaha home and will be welcoming to the stage, traveling troubadour, Laura Meyer. Originally from N.Y.C. and now based out of Santa Cruz California, Meyer’s lyrics roam from political, past relationships, life on the road and religion. She always  calls it as she sees it with keen observations that grab her audiences’ attention and gets them to think about her topics from a new perspective. Not to mention, musically, Meyer rocks it all out with a clear blues influence. Says Meyer, “The first albums I bought were Blue and Are You Experienced. I feel most at home with the blues.”
–James Derrick Schott

posted at 03:23 pm
on Wednesday, October 09th, 2013


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