Cutting Room for December 21

  • If you’re reading this, we survived The Mayan Apocalypse. So how does this connect to film in any meaningful way? I don’t know, maybe because the rebel base on the moon Yavin 4 in Star Wars: A New Hope is an actual Mayan temple. Oh, and guards have been throwing out topless women who are dancing and chanting around fire pits inside the temple leading up to the supposed doomsday. The temple has been referred to as the “Jedi Temple,” but everyone knows topless women would never be thrown out of a Jedi Temple. There is a rumor that comes from this that states that this location will return in Star Wars: Episode VII¸ sadly without any likely mention of topless apocalyptic fire dancing.
  • Apparently, Hugh Jackman is going to play Wolverine until he can no longer grow mutton chops or get his arms all veiny. In addition to next years The Wolverine, he will now star in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which marks director Bryan Singer’s return to the franchise that he made/made him. Whatever negative things you want to say about Jackman, he is a complicated fellow and perhaps the only man who follows up a leading role in a musical (Les Miserable) with a part where he has knives that come out from between his knuckles.
  • Attention liberals: Martin Scorsese is directing a documentary about Bill Clinton that will air on HBO. The film will cover not only Clinton’s terms in office (back when jokes were about dress stains and budgets had surpluses) but will cover his work after leaving the presidency. In related news, Uwe Boll wants to do a documentary on George W. Bush.

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posted at 02:20 pm
on Friday, December 21st, 2012


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