Maha Vs. Red Sky: Apples & Oranges

First off, Saturday’s Maha Music Festival held at Stinson Park was nothing less than a success. Great bands. Record crowds. Good times had by all. But as I was pedaling my mountain bike back home through a break in the rain, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is this the best Maha will ever do?

With an attendance of 4,300 -- the highest in the event’s history -- Maha organizers can claim some sort...

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Transportation Master Plan Changes

A small change has come to your morning commute. More drivers are noticing the blinking of bicycle lights, and the bus system is seeing a rise in activity.
“[There] is a dramatic increase in bike rack usage on Metro buses,” said Sloan Dawson, planner with the Metropolitan Agency Planning Agency (MAPA). “As of June 30, utilization nearly doubled the 2011 rate for the January to June time period...

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Freddie Gray stands fast on her handling of Sebring scandal

Freddie Gray knows being second-guessed and scrutinized comes with the job of Omaha Public School Board President. But when she came under fire over her handling of the Nancy Sebring scandal she got more than she bargained for, including allegations she'd violated the public trust and calls for her resignation or ouster.

Sebring is the former Des Moines Public Schools Superintendent OPS hired...

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Impact One Stands by Its Clients

Impact One’s youth are preparing at Blackburn High School for a talent show. They look innocent, full of talent and potential, alternating between adolescent awkwardness and bravado. The next day, Executive Director Jannette Taylor sends a text message with context to the work Impact One does:

“Forgot to mention; the group yesterday had 1 person who witnessed an uncle be killed 2 months ago;...

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Dedicated to Teaching And Students

Dr. John Mackiel served the Omaha Public School District for 40 years, first as a reading and English teacher at Burke High School and for the last 15 years as superintendent, overseeing $254 million in school improvements, legal challenges to the state's school finance system and the formation of the Learning Community. He retired from the district on July 31.

What have been the best...

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Go on and Lie to Me

I knew when she started looking through her inventory screen at Barnes & Noble that the cute little clerk would come up craps. I’d already done the online research. They’d already expunged the book from Amazon and a half dozen other websites. But I thought I’d try. Just for the heck of it.

The story begins about a week and a half ago. I was doing what we all aimlessly do to kill time on the...

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Something, but is it enough?

Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale approved the Douglas County Election Commissioner's polling place restorations this week. The addition of polling places follows an unprecedented removal, far exceeding any changes in the two previous U.S. Census, after which redistricting is implemented.

From an initial cut of 88 polling places, 28 are slated to be added, leaving 208 polling places for...

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The Woody Allen of Indie Folk

Continuing with Simon Joyner. If you read that story, you may wonder how he’s managed to continue to release records when listening to them can be, for the most part, rather dismal exercises.

There isn’t a lot of dancing happening when Simon is on your record player. What he does ain’t exactly “pop music.” In fact, I would argue that Simon is anti-pop. His motivation for writing music has...

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Terry’s Movement on Immigration

“Let me start with blending what I think will happen with where I am, personally.”

As comprehensive immigration reform ... more »

If You’re Not At The Table, You’re On The Menu

“In 2008 all eyes were on the Latino vote. That year we had 19.5 million registered Latinos that were active to vote,” ... more »

Public Hearing this Thursday on Election Commissioner Changes

Senator Sara Howard's LB 235 will have its public hearing this Thursday, February 14th at 1:30 in the Government, Military, ... more »

A Second Opinion

Calculations for the cost of extending Medicaid in Nebraska as a critical piece of the Affordable Care Act have been ... more »

Meet the Chief

First, a primer on how to pronounce “Schmaderer,” the new police chief’s last name: “SHMA’ der.” Rhymes with water. “Some ... more »

A State of Homelessness

As winter takes hold the number of homeless moving into shelters is on the rise. Winter is the toughest time of the year ... more »

Ganging Up

<p>Some of the community leaders behind the first South Omaha Violence and Intervention meeting.  </p> Alberto Gonzales didn’t enter the meeting room at the South Omaha Library on March 15 so much as the room opened up and ... more »

Police reviewing gun policy following school shooting

The Omaha Police Department is reviewing its gun policy for off-duty officers after Robert Butler Jr. used his father's ... more »