Starting Over

What better way to open an interview with Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor than with a scoop? Regarding band mate Orenda Fink, and her husband, The Faint’s Todd Fink, Taylor says: “I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next few years they pop out a little Fink.” Boom goes the dynamite. OK, maybe it wasn’t that big a scoop, but it was the closest I got while talking to these two indie rock divas...

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Where To Now?

As 2010 starts to wind down a new crop of bands begins to rise up to carry on Omaha's reputation as one of the country's best music scenes. There are some of you who, upon reading the above statement, quietly, cynically, laughed and thought (with a wry smile in your subconscious minds), "Best music scenes in the country? Tim, really. We haven't heard that kind of talk in eight or nine years,...

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Rock of Ages

I’ve never bought the idea that age has anything to do with enjoying rock music, and I still don’t, but the question did come up last weekend. I waded into the crowd of suburban youth Friday night at The Waiting Room too late to see either of the opening bands, thanks to the Yankees. I considered skipping the show because it was already 11 p.m., but I was on the list and I figured ‘Why...

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These Un-cynical Days

More with Guster’s Ryan Miller that didn’t fit into the feature story on page 32 — which you should read before you read this. We’ll wait for you …  You’re back? Good. I should point out I have some familiarity with Miller and Guster. I interviewed him in December 1999 in the band’s tour bus before a concert at the long lost Ranch Bowl. Miller was a whirling dervish, jumping...

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Better With Age

After two decades, Guster is going strong   One of the best things about listening to a just-released Guster album for the first time: The comfort in knowing you’re about to hear something that’s familiar, but at the same time, new and different. In other words, Guster never lets you down.  From the time the band formed in 1991 to when it released its first hit pop album on a major label...

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Lincoln Calling, Pt. 7

I simply could have listed the bands that are playing at this year’s Lincoln Calling Festival, along with their time slots, and been done with it. What else do you need to get your asses to Lincoln this weekend? Instead, I’m telling you to use that magic box on your desk and go to, a website that lists all the particulars in a well-organized, well-designed online...

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Omaha Girls Rock expands camp
by Chris Aponick

* Registration for the 2014 Omaha Girls Rock camp is now open to girls ages 8 to 18. The camp, which will take place at the Holland ... more »

The Faint announce new album
by Chris Aponick

The Faint will release Doom Abuse, their sixth studio album, Tuesday, April 8th on SQE Music.

The 12-song album is now available for ... more »

Gorillas, McPherson, Whitmore
by B.J. Huchtemann

The 21st Saloon celebrates the return of the Gas House Gorillas Thursday, April 10, 6-9 p.m. The Brooklyn-based band calls their ... more »

Studebaker John, Guitars & Gorillas
by B.J. Huchtemann

Studebaker John will actually be at McKenna’s this Friday, April 4, 8 p.m. Last week's column contained an error from incorrect ... more »

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