L A T E S T   M U S I C

Murphy’s Song

David Murphy, Omahan singer, songwriter, producer, pianist and author extraordinaire with five books and one solo CD, has released a second album that is sure to tug at your heart strings and allow you to dive into his memories and perhaps your own.

My Fraudulent Memoirs took Murphy eight years to complete. With this long of a process, he wasn’t solely focused on the album. “Well, I was busy doing a lot of other...

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L A T E S T   F I L M

Slipping Mickey

Gather ‘round kids and hear a story from the days of yore, a time when artists drew cartoons with their actual human hands and not every children’s movie had covert sex jokes for ma and pa to chuckle at. It was a time before everything was glossy and smooth, before Pharrell and his hat dropped feel-good funky dance beats over computer animation in an attempt to market a soundtrack to a wider demo.

Ernest &...

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L A T E S T   A R T S

In Praise of Metro Public Art, Vol. 1

The Metro’s major force in area public art funding and support, the Iowa West Foundation, has commissioned the estimable American artist Mark di Suvero to create a sculpture for Tom Hanafan River’s Edge Park to add to Council Bluffs' impressive collection of such.

 Di Suvero’s international reputation is based upon his massive steel sculptures that challenge viewer expectations in a style of abstract...

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L A T E S T   C U L T U R E

Hind, Heart, Head

She studied ballet in Toronto and Quebec, then spent three years in London, England, preparing in dance and other performing arts. Back at an academy of performing arts in Toronto, she won its “triple threat award” for song, dance and acting.
That led Dayna Tietzen to such roles as Anita in West Side Story.
And now she’s the hind end of a horse. More formally, the Hind Puppeteer for Joey, the heroic title War...

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