Cutting Room for March 7

  • Despite having carved the letter “Z” into people’s buttocks using a sword once described as a “gay blade,” Zorro is getting a grim n’ gritty reboot. Playwright and screenwriter Chris Boal has been brought on to deliver a darker take on the famous character that is in line with Batman. Because who didn’t see Zorro and think “I bet he cries when he’s alone.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio must have...

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Xerox Xerxes

300: Rise of an Empire

When director Zack Snyder’s opus of underwear modeling amidst geysers of animated blood, 300, first arrived eight years ago, no one expected a sequel. And not just because 299 of the 300 Spartans were way too dead to return. Technically, 300: Rise of an Empire isn’t a sequel: It’s a prequel…and a side-quel…and a sequel… Look, to fans of the first film, all that really matters is swordfight,...

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Movieha! Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

On Your Radar: The Final Member

Netflix Roulette: Bad Milo!

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Sheepskinned Con Dumb

The Wolf of Wall Street

To review of The Wolf of Wall Street at this stage of the game is to enter into an ongoing narrative feud with able critical champions on both sides. Does the film’s dramatization of real-world douchehammer Jordan Belfort’s drug-fueled depravity lend tacit approval, implicitly embracing harmful excess for entertainment? Or does it offer a back-handed critique of “Wall Street executive as modern...

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Cutting Room for February 28

  • When The Lego Movie caught lightning in a bottle and turned a potentially  horrid cash grab into an entertaining flick, the studio reaction was predictable: We should try hitting that hole-in-one miracle shot again! Warner Bros. bought the rights to Minecraft, which you should have your kids explain to you. The ugly, chunky animated game is also largely narrative free, which is still a bad...

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Tainted Love

Stranger by the Lake

Far from Puritanical and chaste, my film sensibilities are such where so-called “graphic” content is usually lucky if it barely forces me to raise a single eyebrow. But they haven’t invented a cartoon emoji expressive enough for the face I made when I realized just how explicit writer/director Alain Guiraudie’s L’inconnu du Lac (Stranger by the Lake) was going to get. Surely they would cut away...

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Movieha! Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

On Your Radar: Locke

Netflix Roulette: The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec


As promised, below you will find the most prestigious list in history: The first annual nominees for the Movieha-scers, our answer to the Oscars. Please comment below as to who you think should win each race, and we'll let you know this weekend the winners. 


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A wildly average film that thinks it is brilliant.


Ernest & Celestine

A kids movie for kids with kid jokes and kid themes.


Captain America: Winter Soldier

A kinetic crash of conspiracism and costumed crusaders!



Bible school by way of JRR Tolkien and Stephen King.


The Grand Budapest Hotel

This madcap caper proves Anderson can do things (kinda) different!


Need for Speed

If you're the "dumber" version of Fast and Furious, you lose.


300: Rise of an Empire

A prequel, side-quel and sequel with the same style and carnage.


The Wolf of Wall Street

DiCaprio crackles but the movie fizzles without taking a clear stance on Wall Street excess.


Marvel Blockbusts a Cap

With fight choreography pickpocketed from Baryshnikov and more leaping and bounding than Pooh’s friend Tigger on cocaine,...

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That Ship Cray

They gave the guy who made Requiem for a Dream $150 million to make a movie about Noah’s ark. Huh?! In Requiem,...

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Quirking on Something Different

To alter a phrase from Twain, who won’t mind because he’s dead, writer/director Wes Anderson repeated history until he...

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Speedy and Irritable

The most important thing to know before attempting to endure the lumbering bore that is Need for Speed is this: every...

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Movieha! Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Cutting Room for April 11

Cutting Room for April 4

Cutting Room for March 28

Movieha! Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast

Movieha! Omaha’s Favorite Movie Podcast