Think Local Food

I grew up a few miles west of the Union Stockyards in South Omaha. On windy days when the sun burned hot and bright in a blinding blue sky the acrid sent of manure would fill my nostrils while I worked alongside my parents and siblings picking pole beans and tomatoes in our garden. When I look back to my youth, before my parents were divorced, before south Omaha transformed from one kind of ethnic community into another, I think of our garden and the bright and blinding summer sun.

My parents weren’t exactly hippies, but they did name me Summer, and my older brother narrowly escaped the name Wolfgang. My dad always packed a lunch for work, the idea of eating out was unthinkable, and my...

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Running in the Best Burger Catergory...

Nothing says Nebraska like the Huskers and beef. Black Oak Grill is proud to have their Husker Burger placed into the top 10 in the Nebraska’s Best Burger contest and top three in Omaha. The Husker Burger is the featured Easter dish, along with three all-natural, high-quality Midwest steaks. Black Oak is located in the Midtown Crossings, 220 S. 31st Ave.


Easter Sunday and Jazz, A Great Combination

If you love Jazz and agree that it is a great way to spend an evening, then head on over Easter night to Pitch, 5021 Underwood Ave. Tom Hennig will be belting out some Jazz, Sunday, April 20, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Pitch Pizzeria will also be...

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Discounted Dining

Some people are embarrassed by using coupons and discounts at restaurants. Not me. I’ll walk into these places waving my coupon over my head, humming a happy song about how I’m not paying full price.

My experiment for the week: all my eating adventures included discounted vouchers from various sources. It wasn’t without its hiccups, but all in all I’m declaring my experiment a success.


I’ve used Groupon successfully before for discounted race tickets, mainly because I figure if I’m going to pay someone to let me run anywhere it might as well be at a discounted rate. So I went into this knowing that Groupon has proven to work for me in the past and that most merchants seem to...

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Is It Patio Season Yet?

Finally, Omaha is on the cusp of patio season. So stop by Corkscrew Wine and Cheese, 10924 Prairie Brook Rd in Rockbrook Village, and enjoy their quaint patio. Another reason to stop by is that their Rosé has started to arrive. This past week, they have received 13 cases of the most popular Bieler Pere et Fils. They are also currently pouring a Montepulciano Rosé by the glass. Stop out and see Janell and Justin this afternoon for a glass.


Get Your Mug Out.

Krug Park, 6205 Maple St., is offering Monday Mug Night in April which features the lovely Stella Artois wine chalice. Try the Stella Artois Cidre, made with hand-picked apples. Get your glass and first...

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Eating Your Way Around Midtown Crossings

On Tuesday April  9, sign up  to eat  with Dishcrawl  Across Omaha as they partake in an eating tour of three Midtown Crossing’s restaurants. Your taste buds will not be disappointed.
“Locals  and  visitors  alike  will  appreciate  this  true  culinary  adventure,  a  mouthwatering  multi-­plate  tour  featuring  three  chefs  in  Midtown  Omaha  showing  off  their  talents,”  says  Dishcrawl  Founder,  Tracy  Lee.  “Dishcrawling  is  a  fantastic  way  to  bring  the  community  together  with  local  chefs  who  are  bringing  exciting  new  things  to  our  culinary  scene.”
Reserve your tickets now. Reservations are limited. The tour...

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Food Focus: Fish & Chips

It’s a little challenging to ask people about the best place for fish & chips smack in the middle of Lent because everyone wants to sway the subject toward their favorite place to go for a Friday night fish fry. I’ve never been to a fish fry (not from lack of wanting – I’ve just never made it to one), but since these only last during Lent, I need to know about where to go the rest of the year. Where do people go for fish & chips, you know, on a Tuesday in November?

I did manage to get some opinions out of people after I assured them that yes, I fully intend to someday visit a fish fry during Lent, and would they please stop changing the subject and tell me what their favorite place for...

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